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Study On The Career Dilemma Of The Workers Outside The Authorized Strength In Public Institutions

Posted on:2018-09-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518982782Subject:Public administration
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With the rapid development of our social economy and with the continued deepen reform, the government input to public utilities is also increased, more and more workers are needed in public institutions to meet the increasing demands of the public. However,employing the workers outside the authorized strength is becoming to a common phenomenon in the case of the quantity of authorized strength is strictly limited. At the present stage, the group outside the authorized strength is one of the important parts of the most public institutions. Up till now, there are about 1.3 million public institutions in our country, the total number of the whole workers is about 30 million, which is about 5 times the number of civil servants in the country.The advantage of employing the workers outside the authorized strength for the public institutions is to be able to effectively solve the problem of insufficient human resources, to recruit and use work force flexible, to improve management efficiency and reduce the employment costs. However, the workers outside the authorized strength are in the face of many difficulties, such as different payment, no-guaranteed labor rights and interests, no space for advancement, embarrassed social position, etc. If these questions are ignored, the unity and stability of the unit is to inevitably be affected and the figure and development of unit is to be harmed.This article is to survey the current status of the workers outside the authorized strength in W research institute which belongs to scientific research institutions with the literature method, comparison method and investigation method, analyze the existing problems and reasons, then provide the following suggestions for the career development of the workers outside the authorized strength in the public institutions: completing the checking standards of the authorized strength, carrying out dynamic management of the authorized strength, strengthening the guidance and supervision of the labor dispatch agencies, improving the safeguard mechanism of the rights and interests and the recruitment system for the workers outside the authorized strength, establishing a rational and effective incentive mechanism, with the combination of material incentives and mental incentives, creating a favorable environment to improve the status of these workers. The purpose of this article is to provide a favorable reference for career development of the workers outside the authorized strength.
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