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Study On The Optimized Route Of Low Carbon Management In Daily Office Of Government Organs

Posted on:2018-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518982842Subject:Public administration
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With the reform and opening up, Chinese rapid economic development, but also caused many environmental problems, such as air pollution, haze, waste of resources and other issues, behind the rapid development is very much to the detriment of the interests of future generations at the expense of. Therefore, as early as in 2002, the Communist Party of China sixteen "sustainable development ability is strengthened" as one of the goals of building a well-off society in an all-round way, since then, unswervingly adhere to Scientific Outlook on Development, to the road of sustainable development. The government plays a very important role in the promotion and publicity of the concept of sustainable development, the government agencies to promote sustainable development of the people, to guide the public low-carbon life, take the road of sustainable development. The government set to implement low-carbon office, start saving office of energy resources from their own, can not only reduce carbon emissions, but also reduce the administrative costs of the government to promote the construction of conservation oriented agencies, and establish a responsible image of the government, so as to promote enterprise and social public to participate in energy saving and emission reduction.However, in recent years, the government has criticized the internal problems,government agencies, large energy consumption, consumption, extravagance and waste,assault of official vehicles, the higher administrative costs, administrative efficiency is low and seriously damage the image of the government. The government’s daily office low carbon is to use practical action to promote and promote the concept of low-carbon life and Scientific Outlook on Development, for the people’s low carbon behavior plays a leading role. Therefore, the government agencies to seriously implement and implement the concept of low-carbon management, not only to promote and promote the concept of low-carbon office, but also help to achieve the concept of low-carbon society.Based on the low-carbon economy theory, administrative ecological theory and sustainable development theory as the theoretical basis, research and literature than comprehensive use of comparative research methods, the research on low-carbon daily office management of the government, according to the situation of our country and puts forward some countermeasures for perfecting the daily office management of low carbon government authorities.The study found that China’s central and local government will implement the concept of sustainable development for many years, the overall government order low-carbon Management Office in the official car problems and achieved remarkable results,but because of the lack of practical policy support, low carbon management of government office staff awareness, lack of incentive mechanism, insufficient and low the application of low carbon carbon products lack of management system, the daily work of low carbon still has a lot of problems, do not low carbon office fundamentally, but the phenomenon of the high administrative cost. Again on the basis of the study of domestic and foreign literature on low-carbon management, through the foreign experiences, puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions on China’s Government Office low-carbon, hope to promote the smooth implementation of government office of low-carbon, and establish long-term mechanism.The paper is divided into five parts. The introduction, the government office of low-carbon management related concepts and theoretical basis, the status quo of government organs and daily office low-carbon management and analysis of the problems, the government office of low-carbon foreign management experience and enlightenment, improve the analysis of government management and supervision of the low-carbon path.
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