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Research On Public Crisis Management In The New Media Era

Posted on:2018-06-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518982846Subject:Public administration
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At present our country is in the period of social transformation, all kinds of emergencies in the background of increasingly complex,mutual influences between the field dependence and gradually strengthen, any public crises are likely to derivatives caused a huge impact. Especially in the era of new media, new media technology rapid development is profoundly changing people information interaction the way, the general public can break the boundaries of space, can immediately participate in a wide range of information interaction, people is the recipient of the information is also the producer,can form a strong public opinion field. In recent years the development of China’s new media change rapidly, various segments of emerge in an endless stream media and various forms of creative people grafting, the use of new media public opinion guide,social values have occurred, such as the government on public crisis properly, will cause the crisis of wind wave incalculable new media. How to look at the age, government governance and new media? The government how to deal with the new media and public relations? How to use new media in public crisis management? This is necessary for our discussion. This paper is to explore the way to improve the government public crisis management under the new media environment for the purpose of the development of new the media as the background, sort out the intrinsic link of public crisis management and the characteristics of new media, combined with an analysis of the government crisis management logic.This paper is divided into four parts,the first chapter discusses the background and significance of this study, the domestic and foreign research present situation analysis, put forward the research content and research methods, analysis of the new features of public crisis communication from the perspective of new media; the second chapter describes the rise of theory, first is an overview of the new media,including the concept, characteristics, development the trend, then explain the meaning of public crisis management; the third chapter provides an overview of the new media era government means and mechanism of crisis management, focusing on the two phase of the project of Heyuan power plant in Guangdong in 2015 by the mass protest event as a case and countermeasure analysis of government in dealing with the public crisis tube local, a typical case of the government exists in the public crisis management problems.The fourth chapter from the system, the government, new media, public and so on four aspects discusses how to enhance the government public crisis management.
Keywords/Search Tags:public crisis management, government, new media
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