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Research On The Prevention Management Of Corruption Risk In The State Owned Enterprises In Guang Dong In The Angle Of Internal Controls

Posted on:2018-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330533966503Subject:Public administration
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In recent years,the phenomenon of the corruption of state-owned enterprises prone to multiple,and the form and means more complex,has brought serious economic losses and negative effects with the state and enterprise.At present,the anti-corruption work of state-owned enterprises exists some outstanding problems,the fundamental reason is that the state-owned enterprises have not established the perfect right balance mechanism,legal consciousness is not strong,the corporate governance structure is not reasonable,lack of supervision system.Overall,the system has not been established anti-corruption,long-term anti-corruption mechanism,did not form a global anti-corruption system to curb the increasingly serious problem of corruption..At the same time,the state-owned enterprises have both public and competitive attributes,often faced with a higher risk of corruption,and the risk of corruption is always running through the whole process of the state-owned enterprise management and administration.To promote the prevention and control of risk management,enterprise leaders and workers should strengthen the risk consciousness,establishing the long-term mechanism of anti-corruption,from a strategic and long-term perspective of scientific planning,which is the effective measures to promote the state-owned enterprises to carry out the anti-corruption struggle and an important way to improve the anti-corruption work ability,is a new the exploration and practice of innovation in the new period to prevent corruption.Through the analysis of the data statistics of state-owned enterprises in Guangdong province in recent years,the current situation of corruption,based on that the risk prevention and control work of state-owned enterprises in Guangdong Province,the effectiveness,the article points out the main problems,analyzes the concrete reasons from the factors related to cultural ideology,system of supervision mechanism,internal democratic management.Through the experiences from the United States,Singapore on punishing corruption in the anti commercial bribery,supervision of state-owned enterprises,the construction of legal system,technical means and the prevention and control of risk management,using the related theory of corruption prevention theory,risk management,put forward some suggestions to improve the state-owned enterprises in Guangdong Province,the prevention and control of risk management from the aspects of thought,system the level and operational level,to prevent the occurrence of corruption.
Keywords/Search Tags:state-owned enterprises, Integrity risk, Preventive management
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