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Research On Integrity Power Of State-owned Enterprises In China

Posted on:2010-10-25Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:B R HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360302471093Subject:Administrative Management
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The state-owned enterprises are very important for the national economy, and they are related to people's livelihood, economic security and social stability. In order to improve the system for punishing and preventing corruption, promoting the combating corruption and upholding integrity of state-owned enterprises is an important component of the the whole society anti-corruption, and is an important guarantee for achieving sustainable development of state-owned enterprises. In this dissertation, the development of anti-corruption theory and its research status are analyzed, and the theoretical approaches and practical measures for promoting the anti-corruption theory to implement more effectively are discussed.From the status quo of management system with its effctiveness for China's state-owned enterprises, the conception of 'integrity power' for corporation is put forward in virtue of soft power point of view and ideas, and the features and the importantce of corporation integrity power are expounded. Integrity power for corporation is the ability to get the priority for a corporation in the competition, which is gained by putting the intergrity as the core idea and basic criteria of organization, management and implemention. The basic contents of corporation intergrity power include democratic and scientific decision-making, efficient implementation of standards, abidance by state laws and CCP rules, and integrity of self-discipline. It is the institutional arrangements and strategic orientations of intrinsic behavior factors such as enterprise value system, organizational norms, etc., which expresses one kind of capabilities complied with modern enterprise management and contemporary social norms for corporations. With the theory of enterprise risk management (EMR), the major risks which would damage the building of corporation integrity power are analyzed from the perspectives of abuse of power, corruption, violating the democratic system, excessive post consumption, etc. The root causes which give rise to these risks are explained the corresponding preventive measures are brought forward, which include ideological causes, system causes and work causes.The comprehensive evaluation system for corporation integrity power is built, which is composed of index of profit, internal control, combating corruption and upholding integrity. The quantification and normalization motheds of all index are discussed and the results of comprehensive evaluation can be calculated by the weighted values which are determined according to the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and square-root method. The evaluation results could be used to determine the status of corporation integrity power, prevent the related damage risks, and identify the main indicators related to such risks to be solved targetbally. In this dissertation, a case analysis of one of state-owned enterprises in the oil industry is done using the comprehensive evaluation system for corporation integrity power, risk early warning system and their related calculation methods. The system itself and its methods of calculation and evaluation are explained and applied. In the end, the dissertation summarizes the limitations and inadequacies in research on corporation integrity power, and makes some recommendations and prospects for the research about the concept and connotation of corporation integrity power, risk evaluation system, the quantitative method of risk early warning system, etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:State-owned enterprise, Integrity power, Risk, Evaluation
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