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Research On Legal Issue Of International Climate Change

Posted on:2018-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Climate change is both an environmental problems and development problems,in the final analysis is the development of the problem.Climate change policy and legislation as performance throughout the world,the United Nations framework convention on climate change in response to climate change an important means,has extensive international commonality.So in other countries and regions such as America,Japan,the eu's climate change policy and legislation comparative analysis,to draw lessons from the successful experiences from them for perfecting our country's climate change policy and legislation has the positive significance.However,due to the inherent defects of existing climate change control system design,such as flexible mechanisms program is too complex,fixed discharge mechanism is lack of flexibility,needs to improve compliance mechanism,etc.;Combined with the complex international environment,such as anarchy of the international community,national interests conflict,the development of the global imbalance,the influence of the global economic crisis,etc.,make the implementation of the UN fram ework convention on climate change is difficult.Always attaches great importance to the global environment problems in our country,playing an active role in controlling greenhouse gas emissions.But climate change law in China inevitably has some problems,such as the imperfection of the legal system of cl imate change,energy management system lags behind,the lack of operability,traffic system has not yet been established abroad,etc.To this end,the country needs to further i mprove the climate change problem of the legal system,improve the energy management system,enhance China's response to climate change law of operability,timely introduction of the terms of the international convention on climate change.
Keywords/Search Tags:The United Nations convention on climate change, The Paris agreement, Contribution to the national autonomy, Carbon emissions
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