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An Analysis Of The Factors Affecting The Choice Of The Aged People’s Elderly In Demolition And Resettlement

Posted on:2018-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the second half of the 20th century,living standards,such as medical and health conditions,are being continuously and significantly improved.In the meantime,family planning policy is carried out in depth.The life expectancy in China has been gradually extended,the mortality rate decreasing significantly and the population aging rapidly.The intensifying aging trend has become the focus of social concern,which the government is urgently trying to address.At the same time,China’s urban and rural integration continues to advance,where "demolition" has become an inevitable means in this process.The relocated residents,as a special emerging large group,has a high degree of homogeneity in aspects such as education and work,but also differs from the traditional urban residents.With the deepening of the population aging and the launching of more demolition and resettlement,the elderly-caring problem of the relocated residents raised increasing social concern.Based on quantitative research,starting from the elderly-caring modes of relocated residents,this paper tries to analyze the influencing factors of the residents affected by demolition and resettlement,and then puts forward some suggestions to help the elderly enjoy the remaining years.The study found that the relocated residents prefer to spend their old age in their families,which is largely influenced by the thought that "their grandchildren need their care".The community living mode is also needed in some degree,however,its service coverage and service quality need to be improved.The nursing home mode is the least recognized among the relocated residents,since they are relatively conservative.In the end,the paper argues that the health and medical services for the elderly people vary greatly according to the different economic levels,education levels,urban development stages,geographical environments and cultural atmospheres in different regions.Therefore,the "one size fitting all" mode cannot be used when exploring the elderly caring service system.Regional differences have to be considered to establish comprehensive caring systems that properly answer local demands.
Keywords/Search Tags:Demolition resettlement residents, elderly-caring in family, community living, nursing home, influencing factors
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