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Research On The Construction Of Comprehensive Service Platform For Talents Of Shenzhen Municipal Government In The Era Of Large Data

Posted on:2019-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330542483994Subject:Public Administration
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The era of big data gathering data to promote public cloud,reduce the intermediate level filtering,more open and free flow of information,the government departments and between the internal government and the public more symmetrical ability to obtain and use information,is conducive to the promotion of the democratic process of government decision-making,accelerate government good governance objectives.Domestic and foreign scholars have in-depth study,such as put forward in the era of big data,data has become an important strategic resource,is playing a more and more important role in all aspects of social management,in the field of science research management should pay attention to in-depth analysis and mining of large data value,push the drive to change the data driven from business management research with the trend of management decision-making mechanism,composite from the fine management of the individual.Today,the state regards big data as national strategy and has entered the corporate strategy level,which is far beyond the information strategy of the year.Since entering the era of big data,local government service personnel is facing many challenges,the construction of talents in the era of big data integrated service platform put forward four requirements for local government,which requires local government has sufficient policy basis and guarantee,fit between structuralfeatures massive talent management skills and analysis ability,various departments to share,can let the service object can participate and flexible use of platform resources to realize the communication and data link.Specific to the Shenzhen municipal government,the construction of talent service platform is confronted with four major problems,that is not enough perfect policy support,the relevant departments to achieve data exchange between talent and resources sharing,the relevant functional departments of the personnel data management and analysis ability,can not participate in the service object and flexible use of platform resources analysis of causes,mainly in three aspects,namely,the Shenzhen municipal government and the functional departments of the importance of platform construction and understanding is not enough,in the capital,technology and personnel training the lack of investment,lack of public outreach.The United States,Israel and Beijing,Shanghai and other domestic and foreign developed countries compared city experience,this paper believes that big data as a data processing andinformation storage technology,can effectively integrate the national political,economic and social cultural and ecological fields of information resources,is an important basis and support for the promotion of national governance systems and governance capacity modernization that is an important guarantee for the construction of the network power.Therefore,in the era of big data,how to use big data to enhance executive ability,decision-making ability,management ability and service ability of local governments has become a major practical problem to be solved.This paper puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions in four aspects,namely should attach great importance to the development of policies and regulations as soon as possible to give comprehensive service platform construction policy basis and guarantee;should increase investment of hardware construction and technical personnel to ensure that the integrated service platform,platform construction should be completed;when the personnel service functions between departments to straighten out the internal link,data.Should strengthen the talent sharing;integrated service platform outreach efforts.
Keywords/Search Tags:Large data age, comprehensive service platform for local government personnel, Shenzhen municipal government
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