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A Study On China's Public Diplomacy In The Construction Of "One Belt One Road"

Posted on:2018-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L H ZiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330542965436Subject:Political science
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In the context of informationization and globalization,the traditional concept of diplomacy and diplomacy began to transform,public diplomacy has become the global trend of diplomatic transformation.As a rising developing country,China must attach importance to and develop public diplomacy in order to gain world recognition and enhance China's influence and attractiveness in the world stage.“OBOR” initiative is what China do to carry out and promote public diplomacy.However,we also have to realize that the construction of “OBOR” initiative is not smooth sailing: many countries are in a period of political transformation.The political and economic situation is complicated,the political situation is unstable,the social system is different,the historical civilization is different,coupled with the interference of foreign forces outside the region,making the “OBOR” initiative the most potential economic corridor and at the same time,it also faced with a series of risks and challenges.As Xi Jinping pointed out that "to introduce China's internal and external policies,tell good Chinese story,spread the sound of China." "Consolidate and expand China's long-term development of relations with neighboring countries,social and public opinion basis." Therefore,the “OBOR” initiative can not focus on economic diplomacy,but also should pay attention to social public opinion and public opinion environment,for the international community.The core of the “OBOR” initiative public diplomacy is "to spread Silk Road culture,tell Silk Road story,promote the spirit of Silk Road",deepen the international community and the public on the “OBOR” initiative recognition and support.Based on the review of public diplomacy theory and the background of the implementation of the “OBOR” initiative,the thesis explores the public diplomacy in the construction of the “OBOR” initiative.The first chapter mainly reviews theconceptual connotation of public diplomacy and the “OBOR” initiative,and the theoretical analysis of the full text,including the theory of diplomacy,the theory of communication and the theory of "soft power".Secondly,The three chapters are based on the analysis of public diplomacy in the promotion of the “OBOR” initiative,including the head of diplomacy,the first lady diplomacy,economic diplomacy and civil diplomacy,then analyzes the status of various types of public diplomacy,and from the political,economic and cultural levels.The fourth chapter is the core chapter of the thesis,that is to find and summarize the current difficulty in the implementation of the“OBOR” initiative public diplomacy,including the challenges of the outside and their own deficiencies.In the fifth chapter,it is mainly about some recommendations,on the long term,not only is it to promote the “OBOR” initiative strategy for the smooth implementation,but also to shape the image of China,as well as to build economic and cultural power basis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public diplomacy, The “OBOR” initiative, Soft power, China 's national image
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