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On The Shaping Function Of Cultural Diplomacy To National Image Of China

Posted on:2013-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330401951016Subject:International relations
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In globalization era, national image has been an important part of a country’s softpower and “an identity card” to enter the international society, and has great impressionin politics, economy, culture, diplomacy and other fields. How to establish a favorablenational image has been one of the significant issues. Cultural diplomacy which is aneffective ways of diplomacy, government or government-supported NGOs organizeculture communication, exchange visits, art exhibitions and cultural trade to promote thefriendship of people between two countries and elevate country’s image, having naturaladvantage in establishing and spreading national image. It can face foreign governmentand common people directly, propagate culture speedy and effectively in order toestablish national image. China’s national image has been changed during the longhistorical periods. Nowadays, the voice of “China Treat” in international society isbecoming increasingly fierce. Taking effective tasks to improve China’ image and obtaina good environment for the peaceful development has been the most urgent assignmentand only cultural diplomacy can deal with it. With many years development, China’scultural diplomacy has made some achievement and a peaceful, developing, responsible,harmonious China has initially set up. However, the new period brought new opportunityand challenge, only by reforming management system of cultural diplomacy, integratingavailable resources of cultural diplomacy, improving operating mechanism ofintercultural communication in order to strengthen the communication effect, developingmore ways on cultural diplomacy, attach importance to actively develop cultural industry,and by improving diplomacy jobs of China on diplomatic system, diplomatic style,diplomatic object, and diplomatic staff, improving the way of cultural diplomacy toestablish national image in order to set up an authentic, complete, favorable image ofChina, and it can provide good services to China’s development. This article starts withdefinition of cultural diplomacy and national image, analyzing the relationship betweenthese two definitions, summarizing the process of China’s image and the effect ofestablishing China’s image through cultural diplomacy, indicating the problems andproviding tactics and methods with the example of America and Korean.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cultural Diplomacy, National image, establish, soft power, globalization
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