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An Empirical Study On The Countermeasure And The Influential Factor Of Bullying Victimization In Junior Middle School

Posted on:2019-04-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Every teenager is the hope of each family and the future of the country.Everyone has spent an important time on school.For elementary and junior middle school students whose body and mind are developing,school time has a great influence on their personality,behavioral characteristics and values.Therefore,having a safe and comfortable school environment,allowing students to enjoy happy and fulfilling school life is not only the wish of students and parents,but also the desire of the whole society.However,with the frequent occurrence of vicious bullying incidents in school,we can not help but feel that there are still many unknown dangers on school that appears to be safe.To reduce school bullying and protect young students,the whole society is concerned and needs to take action as soon as possible.In this context,this paper is based on the data of Jiangsu,Zhejiang,and Shanghai in the 2016 China Education Panel Survey.The paper analyzes the current situation and influencing factors of school bullying of junior middle school students through literature analysis and empirical research methods.Combining the existing research with the CEPS questionnaire,this paper summarizes the relevant independent variables and dependent variables,and divides the dependent variables into the five dimensions including overall bullying,physical bullying,verbal bullying,relational bullying,and cyberbullying,and independent variables include individuals,families,schools,and society.This paper uses descriptive statistical analysis,correlation analysis,regression analysis and other methods to determine the impact of each factor.The results show that more than half of the junior middle school students have suffered from bullying at different levels and ways.Combining these five dependent variables,men,non-public schools,and schools located in rural areas will intensify junior middle school students being bullied.Physical health,family economic conditions,class atmosphere and school environment will negatively affect the severity of school bullying suffered by junior middle school students.There is a positive correlation between the level of psychological negative emotions and bad behavior.Academic performance,family relationships,teacher-student relationships,and home-school communication have not yet entered the regression equation.The most significant factor affecting the degree of school bullying is the individual level.Family and school factors have a certain influence,while the social level has a very small impact.On this basis,this paper reviews the experience of the United States,Norway,and Japan in coping with school bullying.Combined with empirical test and experience,this paper proposes countermeasures for preventing and controlling school bullying in our country.We should form a multi-governance and linkage mechanism with the government as the core,the school as the main body of action,and the family and the society working together.All the main bodies of the society must exert their strengths to provide students with a safe campus environment.
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