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Research On Parental Rearing Style Of Bullying Participants In Junior Middle School

Posted on:2019-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Bullying is a special kind of aggressive behavior.And it has three attributes: harmfulness,repeatability,and imbalance of power.It's harmful to children's physical and psychological health.Junior high school have the highest incidence of school bullying.This study aims to explore the relationship among bullying participants,family environment,and parenting style through an empirical investigation on school bullying,so as to prevent and eliminate school bullying,and to guide schools and families in cultivating children's characters and habits.In this study,an anonymous survey was conducted on 420 middle school students in a middle school in Changge City,Henan Province,using the junior high school campus bullying questionnaire and the simple parental rearing scale(s-EMBU-C).A total of 376 valid questionnaires were collected,including 197 male students and 179 female students.There were135 students in grade one,124 students in grade two and 117 students in grade three.Statistical analysis and discussion were conducted on the data and the following conclusions were drawn:There was a bullying phenomenon in the junior high school campuses surveyed.The proportion of students involved in bullying is 19.15%,among which students who regularly bully others account for 7.18%,and those who are often bullied account for 11.97%.The main type of bullying behavior are relationship-related bullying and physiological harm bullying.Bullying tends to target at junior high school students' height,weight,looks,and body odor.When others are bullied,most students feel sympathetic and even want to help.Parents are more likely to stop bullying than teachers.There is a significant gender difference in junior school students' bullying behavior.Male students are more likely to be bully.(2)In terms of parenting style,most parents of the surveyed groups raise children in a warm way.Parents use more negative way such as “parents denial” on parenting style to bring up boys,but more overprotective for girls.The confirmation rate of the bully was significantly positively correlated with parental rejection and overprotection.The rate of confirmation of the bullied person was significantly positively correlated with parental refusal and overprotection and was significantly negatively correlated with the emotional warmth of the mother.The regression model of junior school students' bullying,being bullied,father's parenting style and maternal parenting style are all good.The parental parenting style has certain predictability for children's bullying and being bullied.(3)The research on the family background of junior high school students should be an important part of the research on parenting style.In terms of family background junior school bullies have significant differences in parental occupations.Students whose parental occupations are self-employed(including non-professionals)or workers are more likely to bebully.Bullies in junior high school also have significant differences in parental education.And parental education of bullies mainly consists of junior high school and elementary school and below.Students who involved in the school bullying have more or less problems on family education,and the bullies' problems are more serious than those who are bullied.
Keywords/Search Tags:middle school students, school bullying, parenting styles, family background
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