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Research On The System Of Fire Acceptance In China

Posted on:2018-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330548452859Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Administrative license is one of the important means of administration,which has long been one of the hot spots of administrative law.The Fire Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China promulgated in 1998 promulgated the power of fire control design,fire inspection and acceptance of public security organs,which marked the establishment of the fire administrative licensing system,including the fire acceptance system.The implementation of the system has a high degree of socialization,the implementation of the system requires a wide range of social resources to be supported,the purpose of the implementation of the system directly to the individual interests of the community and the public interest,the effect of the system directly applied to a variety of complex social relations,A wide range of influence.With the rapid economic and social development,the community on the fire work more and more attention,fire administrative licensing work more and more attention,fire acceptance is often one of the focus.At the same time,with the continuous construction of the rule of law society,the public awareness of the rule of law is increasing,reflected in the field of fire law enforcement,the performance of the public,including fire,including acceptance of fire supervision and enforcement work requirements are getting higher and higher.From the practical situation,on the one hand,the fire acceptance system in the prevention of construction projects "congenital" fire hazards,good construction projects put into use before the fire safety source,to protect the public fire safety has played an important role.However,on the other hand,practice has increasingly exposed the various aspects of the fire acceptance system itself and the various problems in operation.These problems may infringe the legitimate rights and interests of the administrative counterparts,may devour the government’s credibility,affect the image of the government,To achieve the goal of ensuring public fire safety,and ultimately may affect the public interest.For these issues,if not as soon as possible to improve the improvement of targeted measures,the community will be more and more controversy on fire acceptance.At present,China is accelerating the transformation of government functions.The reform of administrative examination and approval has become the focus of the whole society for a long time.The administrative examination and approval matters have been strictly examined by all sectors of society.Fire inspection and acceptance as a public security organs of the fire fighting agencies to exercise a landmark law enforcement power,if not in response to the requirements of the times to complete the change,will inevitably lead to administrative counterparts,stakeholders and even social dissatisfaction,reduce the public security organs fire agencies and even government The image of the public.Therefore,it is very important to further improve the system of fire acceptance and acceptance,to further improve the system itself to ensure the practical adaptability of the system,to further standardize the effectiveness of the implementation of the system to enhance the acceptance of the implementation of the system,to further promote the reform of the fire administrative examination and approval system to better serve the economic and social development is very important significance.In this paper,the fire acceptance system as the research object,combined with the grass-roots fire acceptance work practice,the current fire acceptance of the problems and their improvements made a tentative study,the main points are as follows:The introduction part introduces the research background,literature review,research significance and innovation content of this paper.The first part introduces the constitution and operation flow of fire acceptance,analyzes the nature of fire acceptance system,and explains the independence of fire acceptance system.Finally,the necessity of fire acceptance system is analyzed.The second part,combined with practice,analyzes the main problems existing in the administrative body,acceptance standard,acceptance mode and acceptance procedure of the fire inspection and acceptance system,and analyzes the causes of each problem.The third part,aiming at the existing problems of fire inspection and acceptance system,puts forward the legislative proposals to improve the fire acceptance system in china.First,clearly improve the basic principles of our fire inspection system should follow,followed by the analysis of lack of fire inspection legislation exist in six aspects,finally from the legislative level,enhance on-site separation,acceptance of administrative approval and acceptance into the management content,will relax the acceptance of the application scope,sound system,sound supervision administrative relative person in the system,improve the relative human rights relief of specific legislative proposals in seven aspects of system etc..The fourth part discusses the specific measures to strengthen the operation and maintenance of fire inspection and acceptance system.This paper expounds the following four aspects: strengthening the regulation of intermediary agencies,building a unified and efficient operation mechanism,strengthening the formulation and application of acceptance standards,and strengthening the construction of the main body of acceptance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative license, Fire law enforcement, Fire administration permission, Fire inspection and acceptance
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