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Our Fire Enforcement Status And Countermeasures

Posted on:2013-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395470782Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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With the development of our national economy, social unit and citizens of legal ideology,ego to protect consciousness gradually raise the legal work of fire, put forward higher andnewer requirements, the traditional law enforcement mode can not meet the need of economicdevelopment in our country. In recent years, our country have cause fire the administrativelaw enforcement lack and drag it does not change the face of major fire hazards caused by thedead, injured and great malignant fire accident, some fire knowingly breaks the law,administrative law enforcement personnel by law enforcement to criminal law absence ofresponsibility. Improvement and strengthening fire enforcement efforts, can not only thestandard fire law enforcement activities and effectively eliminate law enforcement personneldereliction of duty, promote law enforcement strict, fair and civilized, and can improve theadministrative law enforcement environment, keep fire situation stability, safeguard the rapiddevelopment of economic construction.The provisions of the state in China by the leadership of the state council, fire controlwork by local people’s governments at various levels is responsible. The public securitydepartment under the state council to the fire, implement supervision and administration ofthe work of the local people’s government at or above the county level public security organswithin their respective administrative areas, conduct supervision and management of the firecontrol work by the people’s governments at the corresponding level, and fire controlinstitutions of public security organs responsible for implementation. Any unit and individualshall have maintenance fire control safety, protecting fire control facilities, preventing fire,reports of fire obligations. Any unit and adult shall have the fire fighting work in organizationobligations. Thus we can see that fire control work and not fire control institutions, but awhole society to assume responsibility and obligation.Fire safety service as one of the important contents of public service, to the humanproduction life and economic and social development far-reaching influence. Asindustrialization, informationization, the acceleration of urbanization, the rapid developmentof economic society and the social public to fire safety services increased demand, traditionaland non-traditional fire safety inter-woven problems, mutual influence, fire safety serviceproblems more and more prominent, therefore, unceasingly strengthens the fire safety serviceconsciousness, providing high-quality effective fire safety service has become a top priority.Based on many years engaged in fire control work, combined with the practice of the People’sRepublic of China ", the absorption domestic state fire boundary colleague research, foreign fire management experience and mode, focus on the economic and social development toadapt to the actual needs of fire control work in the new situation of leather and developmentin an all-round way, thorough and systematic investigation and research, legal systemconstruction, from the fire education, fire control law enforcement ideasupervision/law-enforcement, law enforcement standardization construction, law enforcementestablishment of long-term mechanism is analyzed and discussed, this paper presents somenew ideas and constructive opinions.
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