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The Fire Law Enforcement Present Situation And Countermeasure Research In Tianjin

Posted on:2016-11-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, our country successively promulgated and revised the series of fire control laws and regulations, technical specifications and technical standards, especially the promulgation and implementation of the "law of the Peopleís Republic of China hereby marks a step in fire control work on the orbit, and there are laws to form a new system of fire control laws and regulations in our country, for the development of the cause of the fire protection and fire fighting administrative enforcement of law in our country laid a good legal basis. As the municipality of Tianjin, the socio-economic development by leaps and bounds in recent years, for the fire service also made a number of new requirements, and with the March 2010 promulgated the "Tianjin Fire Services Ordinance."However, with the deepening of national reform, the transformation of government functions and enterprise management mode as a direct service for economic construction of fire supervision and law enforcement, are faced with new challenges and tests. With the continuous development of market economy in our country, especially since China joined the world trade organization(WTO), the pace of internationalization of economic development is gradually accelerated, fire supervision and law enforcement work is facing new and more severe challenges, in this process there are a series of factors of the current fire law enforcement service problems, Such as there are in the process of fire law enforcement canít can depend on, just difficult according to, law enforcement is lax, investigate the phenomenon of illegal difficult; "Approval" fire and "nanny" fire still dominates; Fire supervision and law enforcement in large regional differences exist in the process of the fire supervision and law enforcement and the problem of "fire"; Administrative guidance in the fire surveillance law enforcement; Lack of supervision and law enforcement personnel human resources; Fire supervision and law enforcement personnel overall quality improvement and a series of serious problems.The study analyzes the laws, regulations, technical standards and other documents and combining fire and carry out the actual work of law enforcement, including literature research, case studies, the number of studies and descriptive studies.Aiming at these problems, mainly put forward the following countermeasures: establishing the adapted to market economy system requires legal system; Established in line with international standards of fire protection laws and regulations; Set up the new fire protection law enforcement work idea; Reasonable solution to regional difference of fire supervision and law enforcement; Put an end to "fire"; Enhance the quality of supervision level, update the supervision personnel knowledge structure; Strengthen the supervision of fire control products, etc.
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