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A Research On Thr Mode Of The Examination And Approval Bureau Of The Reform Of The Relative Centralization Of Administrative License In Sichuan

Posted on:2019-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330566462606Subject:Public Management
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Accelerating the transformation of government functions is the internal requirement of building a modern socialist government with service-oriented in the new era,and is also the key to deepen reform of the administrative system.The demand for the transformation of government functions has in fact demonstrated the urgency of clarifying the boundaries of government and market responsibilities,and it also demanded that the government return the parts of the market to the markets so as to stimulate the market to create vitality.Under this background,the reform of “to streamline administration and delegate more powers to lower-level governments ?to society in general while improving regulation and to optimize services” emerges.As an important driving force for the transformation of government functions,the necessity of the refrom is self-evident.In reality,when we talk about the concrete practice of these three reform goals,we cannot fail to mention the reform of relatively centralized administrative licensing.The right of administrative permission is the perfect representative of the power with a high level of the masses,the reform on it has practical significance.We can summarize some experience from the "everywhere" pilot work of the administrative examination and approval system reform to figure out how to specificly go deep into the grass-roots practice and what kind of situation should be kept.This paper takes the pilot of the relatively centralized administrative permission right reform in Sichuan province as the focal point,chooses the more universal pattern which is the examination and approval Bureau as the research object.On the basis of summarizing the present situation of the implementation of the mode of administrative examination and approval,combining with the feedback on our research and study of the prophase literature,this paper analyzes the difficulties in its operation: the problem of upper and lower connection,legal guarantee,technical guarantee and so on.Subsequently,the article summarizes the advanced experience of foreign administrative licensing reform or work,meanwhile based on the service-oriented government theory,the whole government theory and the seamless organization theory,this paper puts forward some opinions about how to eliminate the dilemma of the model of the approval Bureau,hoping to develop scientifically with changeable concept,reasonable transfer,perfect legislation,strengthening supervision and the construction of information sharing platform,so that the follow-up of the model can be steadily and effectively advanced.
Keywords/Search Tags:The right of administrative permission, Relative centralism, The administrative examination and approval authority, The countermeasures for the problems of the Administrative examination and approval Bureau
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