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Research On The Reform Of Relatively Centralized Administrative Licensing Right Pushed By Local Governments

Posted on:2021-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330602471804Subject:Public administration
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There are many types of administrative power and a large number of administrative licensing agencies in China,which leads to problems such as low efficiency of administrative licensing and complicated procedures.The reform of administrative examination and approval system is generated under the background of solving such problems.Since 2001,the state council has carried out nationwide reform of the system of administrative examination and approval.The third plenary session of the 18 th CPC central committee clearly called for "further streamlining administration and delegating power,and deepening reform of the administrative examination and approval system".The fourth plenary session of the 19 th CPC central committee called for "further streamlining administration,delegating power,improving regulation,optimizing services,deepening reform of the administrative approval system,improving the business environment,and stimulating the vitality of various market entities." In the process of the current reform of the administrative examination and approval system,the reform of relatively centralized administrative license has become the focus of this round of reform.And explore to establish relatively concentrated in the reform of the administrative permission "administrative examination and approval authority" model,help from the source to eliminate the disadvantages of long licensing,repetitive permission,can effectively reduce the running cost of administrative licensing,helps to prevent corruption in administrative organs and their personnel,to provide maximum convenience to the administrative relative person,form the relatively independent reasonable division of duties,powers and mutual coordination of a new type of relationship between government departments.As a new mode of reforming the operation of government power,the "bureau of administrative examination and approval" has been affirmed by the central government,However,as a bold exploration of reform,the "bureau of administrative examination and approval" mode still faces many obstacles in the actual operation process,such as unclear legal responsibility subjects,poor communication between the upper and lower levels,and inadequate connection between the examination and approval administration.Therefore,it is necessary to study the mode of "administrative examination and approval bureau".This paper focuses on the reform of local government's relatively centralized administrative license right,selects N county to establish administrative examination and approval service bureau to promote the reform as the research object,and adopts the methods of literature research,investigation and comparative analysis.From the macroscopic aspect,the background,significance and the local practice of the reform mode of the relatively centralized administrative license right in China are expounded in detail;From the micro point of view,this paper summarizes the implementation status of the mode of "administrative examination and approval bureau" in N county,and summarizes its working mode and mechanism,this paper focuses on the study of the difficulties encountered in the process of operation and the enlightenment brought by it.Based on the theories of holistic governance and service-oriented government put forward earlier in this paper,how to solve the dilemma of the mode of "bureau of administrative examination and approval" and put forward countermeasures and suggestions.It is expected that this model can be optimized in terms of policy guarantee,connection of examination and administration,and platform integration in the future,so as to ensure the follow-up and effective promotion of this model,and also provide some reference and help for other regions to explore the "bureau of administrative examination and approval" model to promote the reform of relatively centralized administrative license right.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reform of the system of administrative examination and approval, Reform of relatively centralized administrative permission power, "Bureau of administrative examination and approval" mode
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