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Research On Problems And Countermeasures In The Operation Of Changhai County Public Administrative Service Center

Posted on:2018-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330569986098Subject:Public administration
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The 18 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has proposed that we should building a service-oriented government by reforming the system of administration and management deeply and accelerating the transition of the governmental functions.From this point of view,this paper is trying to propose some ideas about how to build a highly efficient,innovative and normative administrative service center by consulting some domestic and foreign researches.Taking Changhai County Public Administrative Service Center as the research object,this paper has accurately summarized the definition of the administrative service center,the service-oriented government and parallelling examination and approbation and analyzing the significance of studying the problems and countermeasures on the operation of Changhai County Administrative Service Center.The author has analyzed the current situation of Changhai County Public Administration Service Center by using some research techniques like reading literature,questionnaire and face-to-face interviews.At present,Changhai County Public Administrative Service Center is headed by Changhai County Peopleís Government like other departments.It has achieved obvious effect on administrative examination and approval,e-commerce,petition and makeing government affairs public.However,the center still has some problems.The unitsí function produces an effect on the centerís,resulting in the unclear authority on the management of staff and business,which is bad for the daily management of the center.Changhai County is an island town and its major industry is fishery.So that the center has a large personnel mobility and its service is being oriented towards marine fish breeding.In order to meet the requirements of the new situation on Changhai County Public Administration Service Center,the center has to improve its operation from three aspects in the future.First,to improve and standardize the structure of the center,including standardizing services,integrating organizational structure,developping the technique to parallel examination and approbation,improving management system,ect.Second,to innovate the service method,including carrying out the service by the sea,making a pretrial appointment and examination.Third,to establish a base to train the reserve cadres,including establishing a system to encourage the reserve cadres to work in the center,standardizing the personnel management and strengthening the performance appraisal.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative service center, service-oriented government, parallelling examination and approbation, Changhai Count
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