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The Practical Research On Variant Teaching Of Mathematics In Junior Middle School

Posted on:2016-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Mathematics education not only pays attention to students acquiring better mathematics ability, but also takes account of its study cost. The important aspect of mathematics educators'basic teaching skills is to help students to have more relaxed and efficient learning process, at the same time to have tactical method to organize complicated teaching materials in a logical and concise way.Pedagogy of variation in mathematics teaching has been widely applied to math class. Directed by advanced educational theory, seeking efficiency of education, serving for improving grades, nurturing mathematics thinking ability and comprehensive quality. All enable students to reach development in mathematical learning.Pedagogy of variation in mathematics teaching has a long history in basic education. It has not only gained glories, but also has its failures. The key topic of this research paper is taking good advantage of pedagogy of variation in modern math teaching with more deeply analysis on pedagogy of variation under the development of modern education. Firstly, this paper showcases the difference, characteristic and application on different types of pedagogy of variation through large amount of teaching cases and examples. Secondly, this paper includes questionnaire on teachers'viewpoints and application towards pedagogy of variation. By contrast of experiment before applying pedagogy of variation and after applying it, the changes of students'math learning attitudes, methods, habits and scores have been spotted through the comparison. This paper serves as meaningful reference for basic mathematics teaching research is based on pedagogy of variation.
Keywords/Search Tags:junior middle school mathematics, pedagogy of variation in mathematics teaching, mathematics thinking ability
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