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The Materialized View Of Marriage And Love Knowledge Effect On Line Mode Of Contemporary University Students

Posted on:2017-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330491961455Subject:Marxist theory
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As a kind of universal practice, the marriage and marriage is always accompanied by the existence and development of human beings. With the increasing diversity and complexity of marriage, it makes the practice of theory adapt to the development of the academic community. In particular, under the market economy system, the logic of capital operation is increasingly penetrated into every aspect of social life, which makes the main body in the process of communication and serious loss. At the same time, "without subject" "money fetishism" more and more "reasonable" and contrasts Marx "capital is talked" in criticism of "fetishism", and behind the seemingly reasonable "historical reality" is driven by the value. "Love based marriage" has become a "naked" money". The traditional marriage values tend to be in the material, can revert to the marriage of true will directly affect the human free and comprehensive development.Contemporary young college students with high educational background, active thinking, however, the communication space is relatively closed, social life practice is extremely vulnerable to external environment. In this paper, the research on the influence of "the concept of the marriage and marriage on the knowledge and behavior of college students" as a research topic. Tries to analyze the materialized view of love and marriage and its formation, reveals its inherent negative and its effects, further explore the solutions.The first chapter, through an analysis of concept and its forming mechanism of materialized marriage, clearer defines the connotation of "marriage", and from the perspective of historical development and the realistic social practice to produce analysis.In the second chapter, it focuses on the negative nature of the concept of marriage and love, and carries on the multi-dimensional analysis to its "negative" level.The third chapter, based on the "college students" of this group, this negative impact of materialized marriage on cognition and behavior of the individual production.Then in the fourth chapter, find the marriage interaction benign development direction of socialist concept of marriage.Finally, through the empirical analysis to make research on the topic for philosophical significance.The objective for the marriage of contemporary college students in China to provide the scientific value orientation, and further enrich the connotation of Marx's view of love.
Keywords/Search Tags:The materialized view on love and marriage, College student, Patterns of cognition and behavior
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