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Comparative Research On The Implementation Ways Of "Integration Of School And Community Education" Between China And Japan

Posted on:2017-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330512457302Subject:Comparative Education
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In recent years as the ideal of lifelong learning has been accepted globally,every country is taking active and effective implementation of lifelong learning with more people beginning to understand the meaning of lifelong learning and participate in it.Community education can let people from different ages and classes have a chance to learn again,but with the rise of community education in China,how to integrate school education and community education in modern education has been paid more and more attentions.The thought of “Integration of School and Community”can be briefly summarized as the effective combination of original school education and emerging community education,in order to let everyone have the chance to receive education,also the most comprehensive education.The idea of "Integration of School and Community Education" carries out reform and innovation in the aspect of education in order to achieve the purpose of lifelong learning.The thought of Chinese "Integration of School and Community Education" starts relatively late.And throughout the integration situation of community education and school education of each region in our country recent years,our country needs to be improved in this aspect compared with other countries."Integration of School and Community Education",as an important means of implementing lifelong learning in Japan,its development has been relatively mature,and has profound scientific theoretical basis.Compared with Japan,"Integration of School and Community Education",as a new means of education mode in our country,its implement foundation is very weak.With the method of contrast,this paper conducts a research of specific means and ways when China and Japan are implementing the idea of "Integration of School and Community Education".Firstly,this paper makes a specific introduction of the proposal,the establishment and development of "Integration of School and Community Education".After understanding the basic content of "Integration of School and Community Education",separately analyze China and Japan's measures of implementing "Integration ofSchool and Community Education".Then list some specific education examples of school and community education's integration to analyze the difference of two countries' development of "Integration of School and Community Education".Finally,based on drawing lessons from Japanese good education reform methods,and combine Chinese specific national conditions,this paper will give some effective suggestions for Chinese implementation of the thought of "Integration of School and Community Education".
Keywords/Search Tags:lifelong learning, school education, community education, the"Integration of school and community education"
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