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Reinterpretation Of Beck’s Theory Of Risk Society And Its Enlightenment To China

Posted on:2018-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Beck’s theory of risk society regards reflexive modernization as its starting point for the analysis of social reality and theoretical logic,in order to solve the problem of modernity as the main direction of thinking approach of risk society theory and basic research route.The risk society theory provides a whole frame of reference and a new perspective for us to grasp the observation and consideration of the contemporary society.It has gradually become a systematic paradigm for interpreting the essential forms of modern social life.It has also brought important implications for the early warning and risk management of the "Risk Society of China".This article has carried on the comprehensive and systematic annotation to Beck’s risk society theory,and based on the realistic situation of China,the thesis explores the enlightenment and possible path of Beck’s theory of risk society on the response and governance of "China’s risk society".The first part is the introduction,which mainly introduces the origin,significance,ideas and methods of the research,and gives a comprehensive review on Beck’s theory of risk society both at home and abroad.The second part mainly introduces the background of Beck’s theory of risk society.To solve the problem of modernity is due to the main direction of thinking approach of risk society theory and basic research,therefore,as a logical starting point,the author makes a more comprehensive and systematic induction and carding of the ideological connotations of modernity and post modernity,supplemented by a list of scholars related to the theoretical point of view,multidimensional interpretation and argument,and the internal relation between them is explained in detail and profoundly.The introduction of modernity mainly consists of three parts:the multiple meanings of modernity,the relationship between modernity and enlightenment,and the characteristics and main contents of modernity.The modernity of postmodernism,mainly introduces the causes,postmodern thought for deconstruction and critique of postmodern thought of modernity beyond the three aspects of modernity,and the postmodern deconstruction and transcendence in the ontology,value theory and the three aspects understanding the inherent consistency of modernity.The third part mainly combines Beck’s risk society theory,and carries on the logical reconstruction to its theory’s complex theory viewpoints.The theory and the reality of mutual explanation,the theoretical content and the reality of the two dimensions as a theoretical interpretation of the strategy,around the "reflexive modernization",the globalization of "risk society",the nature and social impact of the modern risk.The postmodernism of Beck’s second modernization(the second modernity)has four aspects,which are combined the reinterpretation to Beck’s theory of risk society.And at the end of this chapter,by combining the preceding analysis of modernity and post modernity,the meaning of "post modernity" implied by Beck’s "the first modernity" and "the second modernity" is combed and explained.In the fourth part,the realistic motive mechanism of Beck’s theory of risk society is considered and analyzed from the realistic level.This part analyzes and expounds the core concepts of the expansion of technology,economy and reason in the process of modernization,and the "technical and economic reason" and the above mentioned modernity,post modernity and Beck’s reflexive,the rationality of technology(economy)is essential to the extension of reason,and technology and economy are the actual attachment of rational thinking in essence.This section serves as an important part of the reinterpretation of Beck’s theory of risk society,it mainly introduces the risk of "technology fetishism" development,the development of capitalism "consumer society" under the "commodity fetishism" and individual psychological consciousness risk etc.And the technology of "capitalism" using the results from "technology fetishism" and "commodity fetishism" and the two binding mechanism are the real cause of modern risk.The fifth part is the reflection and enlightenment of the theory of risk society based on Beck,and the reconsideration and reconstruction of "China risk society" are discussed.It mainly introduces the reflection of risk society theory in Chinese current situation,the unique situation of China’s risk society and the way of risk generation and China’s risk society governance possible path(including system path,cultural path and psychological path)and so on.The sixth part,the summary of the full text,combined with the exposition and interpretation of the theory,the re-interpretation of Beck’s risk society theory and its implications for China,two issues are combed and summarized.This article holds that the present China,as a latecomer country,is in a period of rapid social transformation.The social transformation in China shows a leap across time and space,which makes the current "China risk society" show a lot of problems and factors formed under the compression of time and space.We believe that China treats Beck’s theory of risk society as prepositional self-reflection and early warning.In the debate of modernity and post modernity is that we need to draw lessons from the western thought to deal with China’s "post-modern" arrival.This thesis focuses on the reinterpretation of risk society theory and its implications for china,based on the deep analysis and interpretation of modernity and post modernity,the theoretical connotation and the underlying problems of risk society are deeply analyzed,and based on the four core concepts of reflexive,modernization,individualization,globalization and modern risk,so that the theory of risk society is reinterpreted.With standpoint of theoretical consciousness and practical consciousness,we should take a look at Beck’s theory of risk society on the basis of China’s actual social situation,rethinking and discussing the theoretical inspiration of Beck’s risk society thoughts,the particularity of China’s risk society,the reality and the possible ways to deal with it.
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