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Reconstruction Of Modernity: Baker Risk Society Theory Study

Posted on:2009-04-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the mid-20th century, Human experiencing rapid technological development, and the substantial increase in productivity. Human has also experienced short of resource, within the scope of global ecological and environmental deterioration. Modernization of traditional Western capitalist model increasingly exposed apparent shortcomings. German sociologist Beck proposed a "modernization theory of reflectivity," and "risk society" on the basis of analysis on Western modernization theory and the development roads. These theories become the most influential social analysis of the theory in late 20th century Europe.This article research goal lies in through to the Beck's risk society theory research, takes "the reconstruction modernity" as the master line, and explains the Beck's risk society theory comprehensively. This article puts Beck's risk society theory in the social and academic background of contemporary society theory to research. Discussed the influence which comes from the research and development of modernity question to the risk society theory, with globalization time risk society theory's recent development, deepens the risk society theory understanding. Based on this, this article has further combed the theory angle of view which the risk society studies, attempting from the sociological analysis frame's change, the social theory's angle of social problem and social policy's angle of view explains Beck's the theory the originality.This article pays attention to study the constitution of Beck's risk society theory from the modernity angle. Obtained from the modernity evolution, to analyze the present age social risks new characteristic, has discussed modernity break during the industrial society transition to risk society. Beck doesn't only raises the question and the criticism to the modernity, but positively regards the question that the modernity exposes. Beck indicates the risk society with the reflectivity the basic nature, summarizes us with the reflectivity modern age the modernity radicalization which experiences. This article has studied the reflectivity that with emphasis in the social development presents, and the reflectivity modernization theory, which is thought the solution to risk society. Regards the risk society theory as the whole, takes seriously the risk question and the reflexivity modernization relations research. Finally carries on the appraisal to Beck's risk society theory's theory value, has discussed this theory regarding the solution modernity question significance, as well as the enlightenment to Chinese present age social development advancement.
Keywords/Search Tags:risk, risk society, Reflective modernization
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