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Research On Coordination Mechanism Of Supply Chain Under Fairness Concerns

Posted on:2015-11-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y N LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2349330485994316Subject:Logistics engineering
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In 2014, several major e-commerce sales in China continued to maintain the doubled growth rate, while the competition among them has become more intense. Intense competition in the market has evolved from competition among individuals to the competition among supply chains. The common structure in the e-commerce supply chain is no longer a traditional supply chain, but a drop-shipping supply chain or a dual-channel supply chain structure. In drop-shipping supply chain, since products are sent to customers by the supplier, bypass the retailer, the inventory risk transfers from the retailer to the supplier, which may cause the supplier feels unfairness. In dual-channel supplier chain, the supplier not only wholesale products to traditional retailer, but also directly to final customers through network channels. This sales model forms the supplier and the retailer a competitive situation, leading the retailer to pay more attention to equity, that is, both in the drop-shipping supply chain and in the dual-channel supply chain model, the supply chain members are susceptible to fairness concern. As many conclusions of the literatures have demonstrated, fairness concern has great impact on the supply chain as well as its members.In this thesis, we study the coordination mechanism of drop-shipping supply chain and dual-channel supply chain with fair minded supply chain members. In drop-shipping supply chain, we discuss the impact of the supplier's fairness concerns on the decision-making members and the overall utility of the supply chain. Besides, we find a contract that can arrange risk problem between supplier and retailer and then can coordinate the supply chain. In dual-channel, as asymmetric information between retailers and suppliers, we explore the impact of the retailer's fairness concern on supply and both members in decisions and utility. We design a threshold to help the supplier, who is under the information disadvantage, detect the true market demand.
Keywords/Search Tags:Drop-shipping supply chain, Dual-channel supply chain, Fairness concern, Asymmetric information, Game theory
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