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Research On Decision-making Of Dual-Channel Supply Chain Based On Fairness Preference And Channel Selection

Posted on:2020-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330578462381Subject:Business Administration
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With the rapid development of Internet technology,commercial enterprises have established online channels for product sales which forming a dual-channel supply chain consisting of online and offline,and consumers can choose channels according to their channel preferences.According to the different power structure,both the manufacturer and the retailer are likely to become the dominant player in the supply chain.Meanwhile,they may show fair preference behaviour in the decision-making process,which will have an important impact on the supply chain decision-making.As a result,the dual-channel supply chain management becomes increasingly complex.Based on a review of supply chain management research,such as dual-channel,channel selection and consideration of fairness preference,this paper studies the influence of supply chain members' fairness preference and consumers' online channel preference on supply chain decision-making under the conditions of manufacturer-led and retailer-led.The results show that:? The power structure of supply chain does not affect the decision of the manufacturer to establish online channel,the manufacturer's willingness to introduce online channel increases as the increase of the retailer's fairness preference,but decreases as the increase of the manufacturer's fairness preference;? The supply chain fairness preference and consumer's online channel preference have the same effect on the wholesale price of the manufacturer in different channel structures;? In the manufacturer-led supply chain,the fairness preference behavior of supply chain members can lead to the decline of the manufacturer's profits,and the increase of consumer's online channel preference cannot compensate for the loss caused by fairness preference.? In the supply chain dominated by the retailer,the fairness preference can also lead to the decline of the retailer's profits,The increase of online channel preference will aggravate the decline of retailers' profits.
Keywords/Search Tags:Dual-channel Supply Chain, Fairness preference, Channel choice, Power structure, Stackelberg Game
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