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Pricing Research Of Dual-channel Supply Chain Of Fresh Agriculture Product Considering Fairness Concerns

Posted on:2018-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L FuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330536478361Subject:Logistics engineering
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Along with the new development of electronic commerce and cold chain logistics technology,more and more consumers begin to accept and choose network channels to buy fresh agricultural products,which is more convenient and economic.As for the fresh retail enterprise,they adopt new dual-channel product sales strategy,both of traditional offline and online network channels.However,when the dual-channel exists simultaneously,the price and freshness difference between dual channels affect the channel management,which is the realistic problem that the fresh supply chain participants must face.Meanwhile,the existing research literature about fresh agricultural products dual channels are mos tly based on the ideal assumption,with the makers are "completely rational".But in reality,decision makers often is not entirely rational,they pay attention to their own interests but also on income distribution fairness.These fairness concerns behavior factors will have important influence on dual-channel fresh agricultural products supply chain.Based on this,this article will introduce fairness concerns behavior into dual-channel supply chain system,to analyze how could fairness concerns behavior impact on fresh dual-channel supply chain.First of all,this article take the two stage fresh agricultural products supply chain as the research object,compared the centralized and decentralized decision-making models,analyzing optimal price and fresh-keeping decision of dual-channel supply chain system.It also described the influence of consumer network channel acceptance on dual-channel pricing through a specific numerical example,laying foundation for the following analysis.Secondly,on the basis of the former chapter standard model,it discussed the effects of fairness concerns of fresh suppliers and retailers on optimal pricing and fresh-keeping decisions of supply chain system respectively.Finally,it considered both sides with fairness concerns behavior tendencies and discussed the influence of the fairness concerns on the optimal pric e and fresh-keeping decision of dual-channel supply chain system.In a word,this article abandoned the presumption of decision makers "completely rational" in the reborn fresh agricultural products supply chain research.It introduced the research results of behavioral science into the dual-channel supply chain of fresh agricultural products,which has broadened the research width of the fresh agricultural product supply chain and the application scope of the fairness concern theory.
Keywords/Search Tags:dual-channel supply chain of Fresh agricultural products, freshness-keeping effort level, fairness concern, pricing decision
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