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The Complexity Analysis On Price Game Of Dual-channel Supply Chain In China's Air Conditioning Market

Posted on:2019-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the e-commerce developing rapidly,Online shopping is increasingly favored by consumers.Many enterprises have established online direct sales channels in order to expand market share and gain a higher profit.As a result,enterprises shift from a single traditional sales channel model to a dual-channel or multi-channel sales model,which makes the competition in supply chain more complicated and intense.The oligopoly game model in the supply chain has always been payed attention by many scholars.The research that combines the oligopoly theory with chaos theory has become a hot area.Based on the supply chain environment,the duopoly game model with price competition were constructed,which consider fairness concern and different business objectives simultaneously.The paper mainly studies the multi-channel supply chain price game model and focuses on the complexity features of the system.The mathematical analysis and numerical simulation of the model are conducted by using the game theory,nonlinear dynamics and economics theories,and the evolution of the supply chain system is analyzed from different angles.The problems in the operation and management of the supply chain are analyzed in depth.Such as the market competitors' channel competition,price decision-making issues.The main work completed in this paper includes the following contents:1.Under the retailer's fair-caring and different business objectives,we assume that the retailers are all bounded rationally and construct the dynamic price game model of the duopoly retailers.Then,using the game theory and chaos theory study of the complexity characteristics of multichannel supply chain system in-depth,such as the stability analysis of the system,including twodimensional stability region and three-dimensional stability domain,the price bifurcation diagram,Lyapunov exponents,chaotic attractors,Initial value sensitivity and so on.In addition,the retailer's average profit and profit are analyzed as indicators of the supply chain performance.The influence of different conditions of fairness and price adjustment speed on the system stability,profit and average profits are discussed.Finally,the method for controlling chaos of the system works effectively and some relative conclusions are given.2.Assuming that both manufacturer and retailer are bounded rational competitors,both dualchannel manufacturer and traditional retailer have fairness concerns,in addition,manufacturer not only care about profits gains but also expanding market share as much as possible.On this basis,The Stackelberg model with price game of the manufacturer-retailer is established,and a discrete supply-chain dynamical system is constructed.The stability of the system is analyzed and the stability region of Nash equilibrium point is investigated.The long-term dynamic behaviors and system of the complexity characteristic are studied.At the same time,the paper analyzes the changes of profits of manufacturers and retailers under different parameter values using three-dimensional grid graph.The results found that retailer in the chaotic state is conducive to improving his performance,retailer have a high level of fairness concern is conducive to raising profits,but an excessive price adjustment speed and a high level of fairness concern will reduce the manufacturer's profits.The chaotic control method is applied to control the chaos of the system effectively and gave some relative conclusions.At last,the corresponding price decision guidance and advices are given.This article is of some reference and guide significance to pricing strategy of the dual-channel supply chain for the supply chain operation manager in the air conditioning market.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fairness concern, Market share, Dual-channel supply chain, Price game, Chaos
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