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Research On The Work-Family Boundary Management Of The New Generation Knowledge Workers

Posted on:2017-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330488954755Subject:Business management
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Human resources with knowledge and dynamic is the "source of power" for businesses' development. With 80's and 90's workers gradually dominate the labor market, the new generation knowledge workers is becoming the main force in corporate development and innovation. Growing up in a special background, they pursue the quality of life while enjoy working, making the balance between work and life become one of their important values. Work give employees material security and a sense of accomplishment, and family supply a sense of belonging and well-being. Work and family is one's two main social activity areas, the relationship between them greatly influence one's emotion and feelings, and then affect the job satisfaction, which is a main indicator measuring the staffs attitude for the organization, higher job satisfaction tends to bring a series of positive organizational outcomes. Therefore, the managers should highlight the work-family balance of the new generation of knowledge workers to improve their job satisfaction, inciting their initiative dynamic largely.Organizational commitment is closely related to job satisfaction and one's work-family interface experience, therefore, the present study investigate the new generation of knowledge workers'work-family features, and based on the Person-Environment Fit theory, point out that one's work-family relationship results from the interaction of one's desire and the organization's resources, and further investigate the job satisfaction differ at different work-family relationships and the regulating role of organization commitment between them. The results provide some inspiration for the new generation workers'management practices:First, by analyzing the characteristics of work-family boundary of the new generation knowledge workers, we found that the new generation of knowledge workers have a higher work flexibility willingness, which is consistent with the work value of pursuing life quality, they wish the work boundary have a higher flexibility to expand and shrink, but the organization does not provide adequate support resources relatively.Secondly, compared to the work flexibility willingness or work flexibility ability, one's work-family conflict and work-family enrichment was impacted greatly by the match between them, the match negatively predict the WFC, and positively related to WFE.Finally, individual's work-family interface significantly influence their job satisfaction, the work-family conflict decreased their job satisfaction, the positive relationship between work and family enhanced job satisfaction; the new generation of knowledge workers' organizational affective commitment reduced the negative effect of conflict on job satisfaction, strengthened the positive effect of enrichment on job satisfaction; continued commitment t strengthened the negative effect of conflict on job satisfaction. As well, we found that the new generation of knowledge workers have a lower normative commitment, and it has no moderating effect, which may result from their work value of assertive personality, defiance authority and the strong self-conscious.
Keywords/Search Tags:Organizational Commitment, Work Flexibility Ability, Work Flexibility Willingness, Work-Family Conflict, Work-Family Enrichment, Job Satisfaction
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