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The Effect Of Family-Supportive Organization Perceptions On Work-family Conflict: The Moderated Mediating Effect

Posted on:2016-11-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330464972819Subject:Applied Psychology
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As the work-family literature continues to expand, there has been a recent resurgence in interest in better understanding how family friendly organization policies and benefits (e.g., telework, flextime, flex site, onsite childcare) affect attitudes and behaviors of employees. Lots of results shows that family-supportive organization perceptions serve as a linking mechanism between organizationally based family friendly policies and benefits and a variety of potential outcomes that these benefits are meant to address (e.g.,work-family conflict). And by extension, although family-supportive organization perceptions has been linked to experiences of work-family conflict, the process through which this occurs has received even less attention in the literature.Some results showed that family friendly policies are not always effective to work-family balance of the employees.So the study of the process through which this occurs may be helpful to find out the condition in which the effect of family-supportive organization perceptions to work-family conflict is best.Considering the concepts of family-supportive organization perceptions and work-family conflict come from handling the work-family boundary stuff, this study is based on boundary theory to discuss the mechanism of how family-supportive organization perceptions affect the work-family conflict.At the same time,we combine the theory of person-environment fit to examine the effect of family friendly benefits on different employees.What we do can help the organizations to come on more appropriate policies to maximize the profit.In order to solve the above problems, this study used questionnaire survey including the transverse data and longitudinal data, which can avoid the common method bias, to discuss the dynamic mechanism.The study1 used transverse data of 314 subjects to check the mediated effect of work flexibility ability on the influence of family-supportive organization perceptions to the work-family conflict.The study2 used transverse data of 295 subjects to check the moderated effect of work-family segmentation preference on the influence of work flexibility ability to the work-family conflict.The study3 used two-ways longitudinal data of 161 subjects to try to test the moderated mediating effect of family-supportive organization perceptions and the work-family conflict,which got the data of family-supportive organization perceptions and work-family segmentation preference at the first point, and two months later we got the date of work flexibility ability and the work-family conflict at the second point.Conclusion:?The family-supportive organization perceptions decrease the work-family conflict.?The work flexibility ability partly mediates the correlation between family-supportive organization perceptions and work-family conflict.?The work-family segmentation preference moderates the correlation between work flexibility ability and work-family conflict.?The work-family segmentation preference moderates the affect of family-supportive organization perceptions to work-family conflict mediated by work flexibility means that the employees who highly prefer segmenting family out of work are less likely to decrease their work-family conflict by using work flexibility ability after perceiving that the organizations are family-supportive.This study contributes to the literature and practices of human resources management.Firstly, this research offered a new perspective to exam the influence mechanism of family-supportive organization perceptions on work-family conflict,which focused on the mediating role of work flexibility ability based on boundary theory.Secondly,our study supported the moderating role of work-family segmentation preference which combined the theory of person-environment fit.The results implied that it would be important for the organization to offer different resources for their employees according to their trait such segmentation preference to maximize the nrofit in different wavs.
Keywords/Search Tags:family-supportive organization perceptions, work flexibility ability, work-family conflict, work-family segmentation preference
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