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Evaluation Research For Enterprises Incubator Operating Capability Of A Certain Electronic Science & Technology Park

Posted on:2017-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330536451040Subject:Project management
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Enterprise incubator plays an important role to promote the high-tech industrial development, incubate and build up middle and small-sized S&T enterprises, accelerate the transformation for S&T achievements, adjust the industrial structure, cultivate the economic growth point, improve the country and regional innovation system, boom the economy, etc. Enterprise incubator has been the effective carrier of intermediary services resource, S&T innovation and industrial development. Under the background of the national development strategy, enterprise incubator has been taken seriously by the government. It helps promoting the enterprise innovation and will have an enormous development potential.This paper, based on the full research of enterprise incubator and its theory, analyzed the development of enterprise incubator of a certain electronic science & technology park, emphasized industrial cluster of the Park. Through the field research, specialist interview and professional incubator managers, using the theory of AHP, the paper summarized the evaluation system construction of enterprise incubator operation capability of the Park, comprehensively evaluated and analyzed the operation capability of the incubator. In the meantime, the paper is center on the field of electronic technology, created professional platform, strengthened government guidance, promoted industrial cluster, formed industrial convergence, proposed the development orientation of incubator operationWith the change of China's economy development mode, only through the continuous innovation, the enterprises can drive themselves to move forward. As the effective carrier of enterprise innovation, incubator is becoming a significant part to promote the China S&T innovation. Therefore, study and analysis the development law and operating capability of enterprise incubator have the important practical significance to drive enterprise innovation and to accelerate economic transition.
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise Incubator, Electronic Science &Technology Park, Industrial Cluster, Operation Mode
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