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Research On Difficulties In Financing Of Small And Micro Enterprises Under The Internet Finance

Posted on:2017-06-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Small and micro enterprises are the activist part of national economy.Since the reform and opening up 30 years,small and micro enterprises have got rapid development in China,played an important role in active market,employment creation and Science and technology innovation and so on.But the small and micro enterprises are in the bottleneck period,and the biggest problem they are facing are financing difficulties which lead to insufficient financial support.Therefore,how to solve difficulties in financing of small and micro enterprises and promote them to play a positive role in the economic development are the main problems to solve.Under these circumstance,this article use “difficulties in financing of small and micro enterprises under the internet finance” as the starting point,and use”how to solve difficulties in financing of small and micro enterprises with the internet finance” as the foot hold to explain.There are four parts of this article,the first part is the overview of small and micro enterprises and the internet finance;the second part is theoretical analyses about how to solve difficulties in financing of small and micro enterprises with the internet finance,which including the financing needs,the defects of traditional financing way,the main financing difficulties and their causes of small and micro enterprises as well as the comparative advantage,development prospects and the potential risks of internet finance in financing.T explain that The characteristics of the Internet finance themselves and function of micro and small enterprises financing needs fit each other;The third part illustrates the Ant micro loans and Credit Ease P2 P financial these two kinds of typical Internet financial model and analyzes their basic situation,operation mode and advantages to explain that Internet financial operation can effectively help small micro enterprise solve the financing problem in practice;The forth part explains deficiency and improvement measures in solving the financing difficulty of small enterprisesthe from the perspective of the government's policy support;The fifth part is about related suggestions of small micro enterprise financing under the perfect Internet financial,to promote the Internet finance play its positive roles.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet finance, small and micro enterprises financing, Ant micro loans, P2P financial mode
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