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Research On Bank N's Ability To Improve Service For Small And Micro Enterprises From The Perspective Of Internet Finance

Posted on:2020-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330575987270Subject:Business Administration
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China's small and micro enterprises have become an indispensable force to promote China's economic development.Small and micro enterprises are the main fields of entrepreneurship and employment,an important subject of technological innovation,and an important source of national tax revenue.It has played an important role in the development of China's socialist market economy,the transformation of government functions,the transfer of surplus rural labor and the expansion of the international market.The path for the flourish development of small and micro enterprises is not plain sailing.The difficulties and problems they encounter in their business development are described as"three mountains":the icebergs in the market;the mountain of financing;the volcano of transformation.In order to solve the development problems of small and micro enterprises,we need to move the financing mountain first,expand financing channels for small and micro businesses.Bank N is one of the largest state-owned commercial Banks,and is a major component of the financing path of small and micro busimesses.How to take advantage of the"Internet+"and"Popular entrepreneurship and innovation",to create a new pattern of service for small and micro enterprises has undoubtedly become one of the first choices of bank N 's hot topics of discussion.This paper reviews the literature on financing of small and micro enterprises that contains both domestic and overseas.With the help of related theories about small and micro enterprise financing,Internet finance,and the relationship of the both,the author analyzes the development status about Internet microcredit,P2P and crowdfunding,which are the three mainstream Internet finance patterns.And compared with the mode of bank N's service respectively.Combined with the development status of bank N's service for small and micro enterprises,and through the analysis model of SWOT,the author concludes the advantages and disadvantages,opportunities and challenges that faced by the bank N to service for small and micro enterprises.Combined with the current status of bank N's small and micro finance businesses,the author makes an in-depth thinking and researching on the improvement of bank N's ability to serve small and micro businesses based on Internet finance.Specifically,ten points in three aspects are put forward which about bank N's strategy of using Internet finance to enhance the ability of serving small and micro enterprises.The strategy involves system construction,product design innovation,service mode,risk control,etc.Make every effort to propose countermeasures,which integrating the characteristics of the Internet and small and micro businesses,seizing the market opportunities of huge financing needs,developing new financial products and services that match customer needs,timely and effective,for bank N to improve its ability to serve small and micro enterprises through Internet finance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet Finance, Financing channels for small and micro enterprises, Ability to serve small and micro businesses
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