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Research On Cultural Exchanges Between The Two Sides Of The Taiwan Straits Since The New Century

Posted on:2013-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330371475863Subject:Marxism in China
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Chinese culture is profound and has a long history, which is the spiritual wealth created by Chinese during the thousands of years of social practice. It formed qilu culture, chu culture during the history of the accumulation, which are special regional culture. Taiwan culture is one of a kind. In other words, cultures across two sides of Taiwan strait belong to the Chinese culture, is the branches of Chinese culture. Since1979, cultural exchange appeared, now has more than30years. This paper focuses on the research of cultural exchanges across the Taiwan straits since the new century, especially the problems, difficulties and improvement measures.This paper has four parts:The first part mainly research the difficulties and the main content of the cultural exchanges across the Taiwan straits in the democratic progressive party (DPP)"Taiwan independence" secessionist policy restriction between2000and2008, and analyses the reasons of cultural exchanges across the Taiwan straits in adversity for sustainable development, such as the positive policies on Taiwan, Taiwan adjust mainland policy, political parties on both sides of the Taiwan straits exchange frequently.The second part mainly research the great historical opportunity of cultural exchanges across the Taiwan straits when Chinese kuomintang (KMT) was in power again in2008, the relations of cross-Straits develop peacefully, combs the content of two stage before and after, summarizes the new breakthrough of cultural exchanges across the Taiwan straits about the exchange content, the cultural industry cooperation and systematic consultations.The third part is analyzed the cultural and political differences, impediment of the "Taiwan independence" forces and international power affects lead to the difficulties of cross-strait culture communication and a series of problems, such as cultural exchange balance on both sides of the Taiwan straits not the unequal, audience group not been widely, system and mechanism safeguard loss, and so on.The fourth part describes the importance and necessity of the cultural exchanges across the Taiwan straits, such as, promoting cross-strait economic exchange and cooperation, promoting cross-strait peaceful development, promoting Chinese culture. At the same time, put forward countermeasures according to the main problems of cultural exchanges across the Taiwan straits: According to subject analysis method, the government should continue to implement active on both sides of the cultural policy, promote cross-strait culture exchange system construction, the folk strength should take full play to the initiative and participate in the cultural exchange of cross-strait business; about exchange content, cultural exchanges across the Taiwan straits should continue to expand the influence of culture brand activities and power; about exchange in principle, the Banks should insist on communication principle of seeking common ground while putting aside differences.In short, the new century, the cultural exchanges across the Taiwan straits are faced with both opportunities and challenges, which achieves both breakthrough, and create new problems, the government only adhere to the "consensus", and constantly promote peaceful development of relations across the Taiwan straits, implement the active cultural policy, can promote cross-strait culture exchange for further development.
Keywords/Search Tags:new century, cross cultural communicationpeaceful development across, Taiwan Straits
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