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An Analysis Of The Cross-straits Relationship And Peaceful Development In Cross-straits Economic Trade And Cultural Forum

Posted on:2012-07-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330335472630Subject:Marxist theory
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Since the foundation of new china, the central committee of the CCP leadership collective after a long hard exploration of Marxist theory and combining with the Chinese national practice and then the development of the international situation, creative "force the liberation of Taiwan", "peaceful liberation of Taiwan", "one country, two systems" and "peaceful reunification" proposed unique policy on Taiwan. At present, the chairman Hu Jintao as the core of the CPC central committee proposed cross-straits relation with "peaceful development" as the theme is according to the current international environment and cross-strait development situation of the transitional have been arranged. According to the bipartisan "face reality, creating the future", under the identity April 29,2005 CPC central committee the chairman Hu Jintao and Chinese Kuomintang (KMT) party chairman Lien held talks in Beijing, this is sixth years major leaders Kuomintang-communist talks, the first talks is provided with great historical and practical significance, Opening the new situation of the development of cross-straits relations officially. And cross-straits economic culture forum is the biggest harvest of this talk.This thesis closely around the seventh cross-straits economic, trade and cultural forum discussed the development process of analysis; the article is divided into four parts:the first part, the establishment of cross-straits economic, trade and cultural forum. Expounds the established of the cross-straits economic culture forum's background and basis, through to analysis the current international situation, the mainland economy development of the situation, and the plight of Taiwan's development, we can get the necessity to hold the forum. The second part, first review previous Taiwan-china economic culture forum, use transverse comparison analysis and longitudinal comparison analysis concluded that cross-straits economic cultural forum's achievement and practical significance, Account for that the forum has played an important role of peaceful development. The third part, cross-straits economic culture forum and peaceful unification relations, according to the former parts of the cross-straits economic, trade and culture forum had thoroughly analyzed, Sum up the forum is the phase achievement of the cross-straits peaceful development. And peaceful development is the development of cross-straits relations, and is currently the transitional arrangements cross-strait inevitably choice, is also developing the practical needs. The best way to seize the pace of development,then cross-strait peace to the ultimate goal, however the current need seize development of cross-straits relations in various opportunities, based on cross-strait economic cultural forum as the breakthrough point, to cross-strait people as the carrier and give the people on both sides, will bring welfare as a fundamental almost tangible, and deeply popular policies for concerns, it will reached that proposals can compare to sort it out and use combined with longitudinal comparison, analyzes and grasp the future development of cross-straits relations and the trend will grasp the direction of peace and development, and finally achieve a peaceful reunification.
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