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Research On The Construction Of Rural Grassroots Party Organizations In China Under The Background Of Strict Governance Of The Party

Posted on:2018-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Q WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330515461685Subject:Marxism in China
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At the present stage,the increasing number of rural floating population has brought some opportunities and challenges to the development of rural areas with the depth development of the reform and the gradual acceleration of urbanization.Rural grass-roots party organizations are the vanguard and leading core of the party in the countryside.And because the slogan of comprehensively strengthen Party discipline has been put forward,which puts forward new requirements for the construction of Party organizations at the grass-roots level in rural areas,so the research of the construction of grass roots Party organizations in rural areas under the new situation has important practical significance to consolidate the ruling foundation of the party in the countryside.From the angle of comprehensively strengthen Party discipline,this paper expounds the requirements of comprehensive and strict party management on the party construction at the rural grass-roots level and the importance of Party building at the grass-roots level in rural areas,analyzes the problems existing in the construction of rural grass-roots party organizations at the present stage and puts forward corresponding suggestions according to the thought of comprehensively administering the party strictly for the sake of realizing the construction of new countryside better and achieving two hundred years goal.
Keywords/Search Tags:Comprehensively strengthen Party discipline, Construction of rural Grass-roots Party Organizations, Countermeasure
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