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Research On The Resource Integration Function Of Urban Community Party Organizations

Posted on:2018-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Q SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330542471755Subject:The history of the Communist Party of China
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Along with the development of the working unit system disintegration and urban community,urban community as a grass-roots self-government community,is not only a independent part of the society,also is the communist party of China under the background of new era,rooted at the grass-roots level,further the effective carrier of the masses,the disintegration of system of units,also marks the communist party of China through compulsory administrative measures take full control of the failure of the society,in front of the urban community development gradually mature,the communist party of China to integrate increasingly divided society,you need to play a role of community party organization’s leadership core,and the battle fortress,especially the resource integration functions of city community party organization,and how to exert resources integration function,is the research focus of this article.This paper mainly studies four things:First,Concept carding.Discussed the community,grassroots party organizations and social integration with the concept of decomposition method,which emphasized the presentation,meaning and characteristics of each concept.But also the united concept,conceptual sort of grassroots party organizations Social Integration Function.The purpose of this is to clarify the concept and accurately grasp the concept.Second,history of development.Using the comparative analysis method,determined the accuracy of unit system and community system,that they are party organizations in different historical periods of social integration of the institutional carrier,and introduced the development of unit system and community history.And compared the two systems,inferred the similarities and differences between the environment,the task and the realization way of the party organization,so as to understand the function of the community party organizations In depth.Third,case analysis.This paper studied the "big party committee" system in Kuiwen district which is mainly focused on how the system is constructed,operated and innovated,and summarized the successful experience.Fourth,through the study of Shanghai,Shenyang and Kuiwen District and other mature community party building model,following the contradictory universality in the particularity of the scientific laws,the study summed up the way to play the role of resource in community party organizations with the method of inductive analysis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community Party Organization, Resource Integration, Route Exploration
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