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Research On The Investigation And Prevention Of Telecom Network Fraud Crimes

Posted on:2019-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the rapid development of China's economic globalization,cooperation at home and abroad has become increasingly frequent.The speed of information transmission is accelerating under the rapid development of high technology,and the incidence of cross-border crime cases is increasing.Telecommunications Network Fraud Crime is a derivative of the rapid development of the financial industry,communications industry and the Internet in the world,and it is a unique crime phenomenon attached to the information society.Judging from the distribution of cases,it turned out that the coastal area has a high incidence rate and gradually expanded to inland large and medium-sized cities.At present,it has been reported in almost all parts of the country.At present,China is in the period of economic growth and the period of social transformation,there are a lot of bad factors that induce criminal crimes.In addition,the level of experience in industry management is insufficient.In this particular social development background,Telecommunications Network Fraud Crimes will still be in a state of high incidence in the future time.Carrying out research on investigation and prevention of telecom network fraud crimes will help China to construct a scientific,reasonable and effective mechanism for preventing and controlling telecom network fraud crimes,thereby curbing the occurrence of telecom network fraud crimes and maintaining social harmony and stability.This article mainly includes six parts:The first chapter introduces the background and significance of the topic,the research status and development trends at home and abroad,research ideas and methods.The second chapter is the analysis of the concept of telecommunication network fraud crime and the summary of the types of crimes.The third chapter points out that the main difficulties faced in the investigation and prevention of telecom network fraud crimes are that the forms of fraud are updated at any time,the gangs are rigorously committed,the crimes are deliberately determined,the funds transfer is difficult to trace,the industry supervision mechanism is not perfect,and the penalties and prevention functions are not coordinated,six aspects.The fourth chapter is leading to the revelation of China's detection and defense telecom network fraud crimes,by from the overseas countries and regions in the investigation and prevention of telecommunications network fraud crimes existing countermeasures,that is,to pay attention to personal information protection and the application of qualification punishment,focus on information sharing and handling cases collaboration,emphasizing the construction of professional teams.The fifth chapter points out that the important current investigation measures against telecommunication network fraud crimes in China is the rapid fixation of crime evidence from the case to the people;the investigation and investigation from the person to the case,and the strengthening of multi-faceted cooperation,intercommunication information based on the practice of handling cases.The sixth chapter points out that it is necessary to flexibly use the criminal policy of tempering justice and strictness,severely crack down on upstream and downstream crimes involving telecom fraud,increase the legal responsibility for the control of telecommunications and banking,and strengthen international and regional investigation and evidence collection and judicial cooperation,actively prevent and control telecommunications network fraud crimes and protect the property security of the people in the use of qualification punishment and the ability of the masses to prevent fraud.
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