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A Comparative Study Of Cases Of Training Programs For Preschool Teachers In Cross-Strait Universities

Posted on:2017-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y T WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2357330491456089Subject:Pre-primary Education
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Preschool teachers are the core elements of quality assurance for early childhood education. This comparative study selects the mainland N college and Taiwan P college as case using the method of literature and interviews from the kindergarten teachers training program of training objectives, curriculum and the relationship between goals and curriculum.The study found that the two universities in the training of kindergarten teachers follow the process from the "people", the "teacher" to the "kindergarten teacher ". The process takes into account the integration of educational theory and educational practice. Based on the educational philosophy of universities and teacher knowledge and ability theory, this study found that the two universities adhere to the philosophy of education, including the "student-centered", all-round development of quality education and preschool teachersíprofessional on the training objectives. On the curriculum, the two universities pursue appropriateness and fusion, "whole person literacy" knowledge and ability and the high-quality preschool teachers.On the other hand, there are differences between the two universities about training of preschool teachers. N University trains "research-oriented preschool educators" as the goal, focusing on the combination of education literacy and research ability; the combination of professional theoretical knowledge and educational practice; the combination of teaching and learning skills. P University cultivates "sound kindergarten teachers" as the goal, reflecting the characteristics of openness, professionalism and professionalism in the training process.Based on similarities and differences analysis between the two schools, the resulting recommendations are:clear preschool teachersítraining objectives, refine training specifications; adjust curriculum setup, optimize of preschool teachers training curriculum system; rationaliza planning academic course arrangement, improve preschool teachers training effectiveness; reform the teaching method, improve the preschool teachers training education quality; perfect the system in practice, improve teachersí practice and research capabilities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Preschool Teachers, Pre-service Education, University Training Programs, Case Comparison
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