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Exploring The Service Model Of Social Work Institutions From The Perspective Of Community Work

Posted on:2017-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of social economy in China, the social life has changed a lot, such as the social life of urban residents, especially for the more developed cities, residents of the community needs of life has changed, the original living conditions of the community has been unable to meet the needs of the residents, the existing community management department is also a significant change in demand.In recent years, due to the active of the community social work and non-profit organizations, the relevant government departments has also begun to focus on the development of social work in the community and non-profit organizations, on the one hand, in order to adapt to social change, conform to the trend of social development after the trend of the times, on the other hand also in order to meet the needs of the development of the urban community, meet the needs of community residents. Therefore, in view of the present situation, the development of community social work has certain times and practical significance.It is understood that the current community social work, social work institutions and institutional services model shows developed areas better than less developed areas, the south is faster than the north, the eastern region is stronger than the west. This, of course, also related to the level of economic development, in order to deeply understand the current development of community life in developed areas, to find a better social work agency service model, learning, summary, learn from the development experience, The auther worked at the Shenzhen SYS social work service agency as front-line social workerfor a period of four months, in-depth understanding and learning more developed service mode, comprehensive comparison, analysis the advantages and disadvantages, with a view to other regions in the development of community social work has use for reference. This article is based on personal practice and some thought, at last this article puts forward some opinions and suggestions.This paper is divided into five parts:The first part (Chapter 1) first introduced the background of this paper,the purpose and significance of the research, and the relevant theories and research methods. This part mainly expounds study conducted in what circumstances, and what theory meaning and realistic meaning, of course, this Dart need a necessary theoretical foundation as support, and detailed introduction the application of research methods.The second part (the second chapter) mainly combsthe study of relevant literature, and understanding the different definitions of different scholars, and sort out different service models of the development process of community work,including the development of domestic and foreign countries, foreign countries mainly as the United States, and the domestic mainly as two more developed cities, Guangzhou and Hongkong, which are contacted with. Through the analysis and studies the several places’ development, carries on the contrast, the good and bad analysis, takes its advantage to be the reference for our future development.The third part (the third chapter) mainly based on the practical experience which gained from Shenzhen City sun rise social work service agency as afrontline social workers’experience, and analysis Shenzhen SYS social work service agency’ service mode. Through the specific case to evaluate the operation effect, and on the basis of the objective to analysis the advantages and disadvantages of the organization’s operation mode, to provide reference for the development of community social work in other areas.The fourth part (the fourth chapter) is the strategy of the current development of the service model, including how to select the appropriate service model for the community, how to run in a new community, to provide specific services. This part is personal views and suggestionsof afrontlinesocial worker, hoping to be more practical and perfect.The fifth part (the fifth chapter) is a summary of the part, this part will review and integrate the relevant content of this study, and make a series of thinking and reflection, as far as possible to objectively examine and summarize, in order to better progress.
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