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The Management System Of Foreign Professional Sports Leagues And Its Reference Value To China

Posted on:2017-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of social economy, as the third industry of the marketization, professional sports has been unstoppable trend.Throughout the world sports power, especially in North America, European countries, notting have is not professional to start earlier, professional sports system perfect.The development of professional sports better countries all have one thing in common, that is the professional sports league has a mature organization.And China's current professional sports was still in the stage of administrative leading, market-oriented reform is not comprehensive, have no union league, tube do not divide, property right clear, the loss of single source of income, sponsors, a club loss-making scandals, league...Problems emerge in endlessly, set up professional sports union calls for greater and greater. Can say, not a real professional sports league, it is at this stage one of the main factors that hinder the development of Chinese professional sports forward.European and American countries of professional sports leagues and perfect management system, in practice, its success has strong persuasive, able to provide good enlightenment for the development of professional sports in China and a lot of experience.Therefore, drawing on the successful experience of professional sports power, set up professional sports league which accords with the situation of our country and its management system, is the future development direction of professional sports in China.This article USES the literature material method, expert interview method, case analysis, comparative analysis and logical analysis, first to clarify what is professional sports, what is a professional sports alliance;Then successively investigated the development history of professional sports league North America and Europe, the characteristic of structure and management system;In the knowledge of the development history and status quo of professional sports in China, sums up the management system of foreign professional sports league to our country's enlightenment;Finally to highly summarizes the full text summary, for China to establish a professional sports league's proposal to system and its management system, so as to the establishment of the professional sports league in China and its management system to provide some useful reference.Research conclusions are as follows:1. Professional sports is through trade professional sports events and their related rights, so as to gain a commercial activity.Professional sports leagues is similar to a "cartel" (or syndication) group, is composed of several independent enterprise (the club), to produce a product is sports and related services.The similar cartel group to overall benefit maximization as the goal, through a series of internal rules formulated guarantee alliance health run efficiently, make its members can benefit from and share a monopoly.2. North American professional sports leagues is franchise joining way of close union.Its members club relatively fixed (not demotioneing run), distribution is balanced, the club have "territorial market monopoly", in the form of geographical partition in the regular season, then held the playoffs.And its structure, north American professional sports leagues also established an alliance with closed-end structure of form a complete set of management system.Due to the union as a whole operation, in order to maintain the competitiveness between the club balance, union set up a more conducive to ranking on the team's draft system, salary cap and the luxury tax, revenue sharing, the players union and collective bargaining, wage restraint (top salaries and base salary), as well as the development of the television rights on a free transfer rules.3. Professional sports league in Europe is open alliance with pyramid structure, adopt demotioneing run system, decided the club only competitive level demotioneing run this one factor.The characteristics of professional sports league in Europe is:?? member is not fixed, using demotioneing run to determine the membership ?longitudinal members to participate competition in the league, also took part in the external event?club doesn't enjoy geographical exclusive privileges.The corresponding management system also with North America is not the same:access relatively loose, strictly limit the migration of the club, a fee system, salary cap agreements and television broadcast rights sold as a whole.4. Based on the experience of the European and American professional sports leagues, combined with China's national conditions, this study aimed at our country the construction of professional sports league in the future, recommendations are as follows: 1) to establish a market-oriented professional sports league, the club as the main body, thoroughly implement the separated 2) set up the players union 3) perfect relevant legal system,4) access to set up a strict censorship.5) Regulate commercial development in the league 6) reasonable regulation revenue sharing system, gradual advance salary cap system, giving new relegated club appropriate subsidies, regulation team into the minimum amount of youth7) on the schedule set up around the major international events...
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