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Research On The Measurement Of The Coordination Level Of Professional Sports Club Value Chain System

Posted on:2020-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Professional sports industry is an important part of market economy,and the development of professional sports industry is also one of the important signs of national soft power.This paper mainly takes the professional sports club as the research object,which is the entity unit of the professional sports industry.As a special service industry enterprise,the core goal of professional sports clubs'production and operation is value creation,and value chain is one of the most useful tools for value creation analysis at the enterprise level.Successful enterprises can not do without efficient value chain,and efficient value chain will in turn help enterprises continue to develop benignly.Therefore,it is an urgent problem to analyze the value chain of professional sports clubs and evaluate their operation efficiency.In professional sports clubs,the internal value chain and the external value chain together constitute a complex system:suppliers,producers,channel providers,consumers and other subsystems compete and cooperate with each other,sometimes chaotic and sometimes orderly.In order to study this complex relationship,this paper introduces the theory of synergy,and takes the "synergy level" of cooperation and mutual benefit among the elements of the value chain system as an important basis for evaluating the efficiency of the operation of the value chain of professional sports clubs.At the same time,combined with the principle of order parameters,the order parameters which play a decisive role in the evolution and development of the value chain system are selected from many state parameters affecting the operation of the value chain system,and the coordination level of the value chain system of professional sports clubs is calculated by the linear weighted sum of the contribution of the order parameters to the system coordination level,thus simplifying the complexity.Based on the above ideas,this paper constructs a relatively complete set of value chain system collaboration level measurement research methods:from the construction of value chain,the selection of state parameters,the selection of order parameters,to the calculation of collaboration level.This paper also makes an empirical analysis based on some questionnaires of 16 clubs in the Chinese Super League.The empirical results show that the synergy level of the value chain system of the clubs in the Chinese Super League is generally low and there is a significant gap between them.Therefore,it is predicted that the stronger the clubs in the Chinese Super League will be,the weaker the Matthew effect will be.In addition,by comparing the contribution of order parameters to the level of system coordination with the evaluation results based on order parameters,this paper finds two key factors restricting the development of super clubs:the introduction of club sports talents and the sale of club licensed products,which become the main obstacle to the healthy development of clubs.Some suggestions:strengthening the club youth training system,setting up athletes' salary caps,attaching importance to the development and sale of franchised products,and promoting the diversification of club management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Professional Sports Club, Value Chain, State Parameter, Order Parameter, Synergy
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