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The Influence Of Family-Supportive Organizational Perceptions On Employee Engagement:the Mediating Role Of Work-Family Conflict

Posted on:2014-08-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330425957117Subject:Business management
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With the social progress and the high-speed development of economic, social background, family structure and work way related to work and family have undergone great changes, as well as people’s work and family values, which has exacerbated the employees’work-family conflict. Studies have shown work-family conflict will not only affect the physical and mental health of the individual employees, but also have a negative impact on families and enterprises, thereby affecting organizational performance. Therefore, how to deal with the relationship between work and family; and how to promote the balance between work and family, which has become the problem most enterprises and staffs often have to face. More and more Western employers have provided employees with family care benefits, aiming at reducing the employees’ work-family conflict. But these family care benefits could really be able to reduce employees’ work-family conflict, and which kind of organization support do employees need? In addition to family support policies and family support bosses, how the organization overall view of the extent of family support, it in turn affects work family conflict?Therefore, the surveyed employees are mainly below45years old, especially victims of work-family conflict, intending to study the extent mediating role of work-family conflict (WFC) between family support organizations the perception (FSOP) and engagement (Engagement). How a more accurate interpretation of family supportive work environment influences employee attitudes and behavior. The main course of the study:firstly, literature study; then interview with16semi-structured surveyors and Expand simple content analysis and questionnaire preparation. Afterwards pre-research the276surveyors. Finally the formal questionnaire of351samples are investigated. The main conculsions are drawn from the data analysis are as following:Family support organizations perceive (FSOP) is a two-dimensional concept, containing two dimensions:work-based family supportive organization perception (FSOPO) and family-based family supportive Organization perceived (FSOPP).(1) Work-based family supportive work-family conflict dimension has significantly mediating role on the organization perception and vitality. (2) The work-based family-supportive organization is to be negatively associated with employee vigor through the mediation of work influence on family. The family-based family-supportive organization is to be positively associated with employee vigor through the partial mediation of work influence on family. The family-based family-supportive organization is to be positively associated with employee vigor and dedication through the partial mediation of family influence on work, And the influence of the shouldbe nonsignificantThe innovation of this paper is mainly reflected in:expanded the connotation of the family support organizations perception (FSOP).It is the first time to test the employees’view of family support organizations perception (FSOP) via empirical studies. Meanwhile, Developed a family support organization perception (FSOP) Scale suitable for China culture background; enriched and supplemented the international research of family support organizations perceive (FSOP).
Keywords/Search Tags:Family Support Organization perception, Work-Family Conflict, Engagement
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