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A Study On Balancing Problem Of Mixed-model Assembly Line In Company H

Posted on:2018-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330512495842Subject:Logistics Engineering
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With the market competition is increasingly fierce and the customer demand of cars is more diversified,Mixed-model Assembly Lines(MMALs)are widely used in automobile manufacturing enterprises.MMALs which are well balanced and sequenced are capable of producing variety of products to yield customized products and services with rapid response speed.Because MMALsícomplicated assembly process involves various materials and different products,Company H is making more efforts to improve its production logistics system in order to realize stable and efficient operation of MMALs.Based on the background,this thesis has been done in a MMAL of Company H.First,the current situation of Company Hís MMAL is analyzed in aspects of internal factors of production system involving unbalance of work load among all workstations,mixed-model production by batch and chaotic worksite management,and external factors involving untimeliness of materials purchasing,irrationality of products designing.Though the analysis of causes of the problems,the line balancing,which is foundation of high-efficient production,is defined as the study focus of this thesis ultimately.Then,the 0-1 inter programming mathematical model minimizing the number of workstations is formulated and solved by Lingo software.After that,Flexsim software is used to evaluate optimization proposalís effect.As for external elements,several improvement advices are given for Company Hís reference in the end.This thesis directly embodies the application of mixed-model assembly line balancing technology in actual production circumstance,and has relatively important theoretical and practical value.The simulation experiment shows that the readjustment of work load among workstations makes assembly line operates stably and productivity increases markedly to some extent.On account of previous balancing result,this thesis puts forward sequencing of Hís MMAL could be another direction of further research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mixed-model Assembly Line Balancing, 0-1 Integer Programming, System Simulation
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