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Research On The Relationship Among Employees’ Cognition Of Change,Felt Obligation For Constructive Change And Voice Behavior

Posted on:2017-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Organizational change is a continuous proposition,with the change of the internal and external environment,the enterprise has brought new opportunities and challenges,which requires enterprises to continuously change to promote its better and more sustainable development.As a direct participant in the enterprise reform,the opinions and suggestions of employees have a very important role in the smooth development and effective implementation of the change,this requires the organization staff is not only limited to do their own work,but also as far as possible to the organization change initiative to put forward effective suggestions and opinions,fully embodies the "host" status in the organization.Although employees have certain cognition and understanding of organizational change,but often due to the change of cognitive understanding is not perfect,but will not take the initiative to change opinions or suggestions,and passive suggestions and not really beneficial to organizational change,even if the change has a relatively complete and comprehensive cognition through cognitive trigger of active voice behavior is not easy,it will be necessary according to their own position,the perception of responsibility to judge the active voice,if the change in favor of their own cognitive and organizational development,they are part of a necessary organizational change,organization needs me,I also cannot do without the organization,so as to perceive their responsibility and obligation to help promote organization change,and the formation of active voice behavior.If the cognition is not favorable to the development of the organization and to change itself,will not produce the organization and its complementary sense of responsibility,will not trigger voice behavior.Therefore,only when the employees really value perception of organizational change,perceived itself is an integral part of the reform of enterprises,employees’ voice is positive and effective.This paper based on the analysis of existing research results,based on the theory of planned behavior,the attitude of the staff(change of cognition)and subjective norms(constructive change responsibility)and behavior(voice behavior)three aspects of a comprehensive analysis of the influence mechanism of organizational change in the change of active cognition suggestions,to help improve the employees’ perceptions of change to stimulate the inherent sense of responsibility of their own employees,find the active psychological mechanism of staffs cognition on voice behavior,and then make full and effective participation in organizational change and organizational development.This research has certain significance and value to the research on the cognition of the organization staff.The research content of this paper is divided into three parts.The first part introduces the research background,significance,innovation,research methods and content framework.Second most of the main variables on the study reviewed the literature and careful combing,build the theoretical model of organizational change cognition,constructive change responsibility and voice behavior and puts forward some assumptions.Then through SPSS,AMOS and Mplus statistical analysis software to analyze the questionnaire,to explore the relationship between organizational change recognition effect on voice behavior,and analyzes the change of sense of responsibility in the construction of the mediating effect.The last part summarizes the research results,and puts forward some management suggestions and future prospects.The main conclusions of this paper are as follows:First,there are significant differences between different employee attributes only on the part of the variable.Due to the different character,different views and different perspectives,different results are produced.Job security has significant difference in gender and education on cognitive change.There are significant differences in the perceived benefits and job seniority.Promote the significant difference in the degree of voice behavior.The two dimensions of inhibitory voice behavior have significant difference in position of the voice behavior were significant gender difference in existence.Second,job security influence necessity of cognition,change cognition and employee career development awareness of constructive change responsibility and voice behavior have significant influence on cognitive efficiency.Change of voice behavior and constructive change responsibility were not significant.This is due to the employee’s own nature and cognitive approach,the basic level employees are mostly concerned with their own interests,and the overall awareness of the organization is relatively lacking.Constructive change responsibility and voice behavior have significant positive correlation.Third,from the employee’s cognition to the change of voice behavior is not easy,but to trigger by certain psychological mechanism.Employees’ cognition is through the change of inner construction to stimulate the responsibility sense and voice behavior,namely constructive change of responsibility play an intermediary role in employees’ cognition and voice behavior.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cognition of Change, Felt Obligation for Constructive Change, Voice Behavior
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