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Study On Risk Compensation Policy Based On The HY County Guarantee Corporation

Posted on:2018-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330515988543Subject:(professional degree in business administration)
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Over the past ten years,In the background of the rapid development of the national economy,China’s security industry have achieved rapid development,but the security industry has its own unique development model,as the credit financing of SMEs credit tools,the financing guarantee institutions for the financing of enterprises to make up for the defect of lack of collateral,to solve the problem of credit rationing of commercial banks,the risk of the entire industry is highly recognized for its high degree of concentration of financial business.Guarantee business as a public product,to solve the financing problem of the direct economic benefits created for small and medium-sized enterprises at the same time,with the realization of technological innovation,cultivate tax sources,expanding employment,public goods and completely spontaneously by the market allocation of resources will cause the problem of loss and lack of efficiency,and market failure therefore,the government should be led by the construction of policy financing guarantee system,risk compensation policy and strengthen the application of measures to promote the financing guarantee services market supply.This paper studies on HY County Guarantee Corporation,from the credit rationing theory,risk theory,public goods theory and market failure theory,on the analysis of the guarantee institutions theory basis in the financing guarantee business market,including the United States,Germany,Japan and the three have introduced three financing guarantee compensation mechanism the government leading characteristics,has positive significance to the application of the security industry risk compensation mechanism in china.On this basis,from the reality of the system of government risk compensation policy in China’s security industry and the application of the status quo of the development of the security industry promotion.Combined with field survey in HY County,,a detailed study of the compensation policy of government risk in the practical application of HY County,analysis of risk compensation policies on HY Guarantee Corporation’s contribution,and the existing problems,From the macro and micro aspects to improve the application of the HY County Guarantee corporation risk compensation policy recommendations,and from the case of this proposal leads to a general reference for China’s security industry.Finally,make a summary of the full text,and point out the shortcomings,put forward the prospect.
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