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The Analysis On The Satisfaction Of Tourists In Guilin Based On The Structural Equation Model

Posted on:2018-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330518456479Subject:Applied Statistics
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With the increasing development of economy,people’s demands are getting more and more attention,the experience of leisure and tourism is increasingly diversified.Among people concerned about the satisfaction of various types of experience,the typical representative is"tourist satisfaction".In order to further improve the status of Guilin in tourist city and enhance its popularity at home and abroad,it is necessary to dig out useful information from the analysis results of tourist satisfaction in Guilin.Based on the structural equation model,this paper analyzes the satisfaction of tourists in Guilin,the main work and conclusions are as follows:First,this paper will use the theory of customer satisfaction(ACSI)and combined with the tourist city of Guilin itself and tourists attribute,using relevant statistical analysis method,makes a general analysis on Guilin,tourist satisfaction,and establish a structural equation model.First of all,the influence factors of tourist satisfaction of Guilin are divided into 3 parts,they are namely the city tourism image,the expected value and the perceived qualitythe,and 2 outcome variables tourist loyalty and tourists complain;and try to take tourists satisfaction as the starting point to establish the model,on the basis of satisfaction analytical method of structural equation model(SEM)is introduced.a structural equation model(SEM)was constructed to explore the interaction between tourist satisfaction factors(tourist city image,expected value,perceived quality),tourist satisfaction,tourist loyalty.and tourists’ complaints.analysis the relationship between them and the degree of influence.Second,the study selects the tourists who are in the scope of the urban area of Guilin as the object of study,using individual interviews,questionnaires and other forms of research and data collection,through the statistical software SPSS20.0 and AMOS 17.0 software to collect a total of 1209 valid questionnaire survey data were carried out reliability test,structural equation model fitting,correction and AOMS path analysis.At last,the author finds that there are 4 indicators of urban tourism image in SEM,and there are 6 indicators of perceived quality,the expected value and the satisfaction of tourists have each of the 2 indicators,the tourists complained that there are 3 indicators.Different from the individual SEM,the team visitors SEM,in addition to perceived quality of 9 observation indicators,but also added a tourist loyalty,there are 2 observations,other city tourism image,expected value,overall satisfaction are the same with the individual SEM.Third,the structural equation model is used to analyze the influence of each variable,Can be obtained,in the many factors affecting the satisfaction of tourists,not only for individual or team tourists,perceived quality is the most important factor affecting the satisfaction of tourists.In the Individual SEM,the direct effect of perceived quality was 0.13,the total effect was about 0.70,and the influence of "public service" and "accommodation" was obvious,the impact of"traffic","cultural entertainment" and "disabled facilities" on the satisfaction of tourists is only followed,the effect is 0.70;Then,the expected value has a great impact on the satisfaction of tourists’ tourism,the direct effect is 0.69.and the effect of the "actual value and expected value"is obvious;and the last,the impact of urban tourism image on the satisfaction of tourists,the total effect is 0.63,of which the impact of "public service" is obvious,the effect is as follows:0.73.Fourth,in the Team tourists SEM,the direct effect of perceived quality is 0.37,and the total effect is,which is the most obvious effect of "tourism public service",and the effect is about 0.89,"traffic" ranked second,the effect is 0.76,the effect of the "food" and "cultural entertainment" were respectively 0.73 and 0.71;then,is the impact of the city tourism image on the satisfaction of tourists,the total effect was 0.62;the last one is the expected value of the impact on the satisfaction of tourists,the total effect was 0.45.Based on the analysis of structural equation model,we can also get the influence of tourist satisfaction on the factors.In the Individual SEM,tourist satisfaction for tourists complained that the direct effect is 0.16;in the Team tourists SEM,tourist satisfaction for tourists complained that the direct effect is 0.29,the direct effect of tourist loyalty is 0.76.Finally,according to the relevant empirical conclusions put forward to promote Guilin tourism public service,improved traffic planning,perfect facilities for disabled people,accommodation,catering and tourism to improve the environment quality,pay attention to city culture and entertainment,provide a reference for the improvement of the quality of tourism in Guilin city.
Keywords/Search Tags:Structural equation modeling, tourist satisfaction, path analysis, reliability analysis, ACSI
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