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Study On The Optimization Of Performance Management Of Commercial Banks

Posted on:2018-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330533956193Subject:(professional degree in business administration)
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The core of performance appraisal in standardized management system and strict appraisal index system,to various departments and staff’s work behavior and results are scientific,effective and impartial evaluation,and on the basis of the evaluation results,the formation of performance pay to departments,staff motivation,improve their work enthusiasm;at the same time,design the performance evaluation indexes also fully embodies the guidance and target department and staff,establish departmental goals,personal goals and organizational goals consistent with the performance appraisal system,has become the important means to achieve the strategic goal of the enterprise.In view of this,this paper combs and analyzes a large number of domestic and international performance evaluation research basis.According to the construction of the Chengdu branch of the first development history and business development,analyzes the personal loan center position,age,degree distribution,in October 2016 the assessment data for example,shows the current to two business index and attendance management system as the evaluation index,found four problems:(1)excessive focus on short-term of interest,the lack of long-term strategic orientation;(2)between each department did not establish a synergistic effect;(3)evaluation index is single,the dimension is not perfect;(4)did not fully reflect the priorities and responsibilities between.These defects lead to performance evaluation will not be able to play a win-win situation between employees and enterprise value,and even lead to the first branch of the non-performing loan rate rise in risk management,employee job satisfaction decreased with increasing turnover rate and other serious consequences.Based on this,this paper combines the Balanced Scorecard and the target management method,which contains financial indicators,customer development,internal processes,learning and growth in four dimensions of the evaluation index system,and give full consideration to the differences of different positions of key responsibilities,four jobs on personal loan center set index.Finally,this paper takes the October 2016 as an example,uses the improved assessment system to conduct employee performance appraisal,and compares the optimization of the improved assessment system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial banks, performance appraisal, Balanced Scorecard, assessment index system
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