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Decision-making Of Agricultural Dual-Channel Supply Chain Considering Fresh-keeping Effort

Posted on:2020-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330590960733Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Under the environment of "Internet +",the development of network and information technology has promoted the operation efficiency of traditional supply chain,and has further stimulated the circulation mode of various fresh products,such as dual channel and mixed channel of agricultural products.There are many circulation links and imperfect cold chain system in the agricultural product market,which lead to a large loss of products in the fresh supply chain.However,with the improvement of consumption ability and the change of expense habit,consumers gradually improve the quality requirements of fresh supply chain products.Freshness has become one of the important factors for consumers.Therefore,considering the freshness value loss of fresh products,it is of great value for fresh dual-channel supply chain to study the dual-channel pricing strategy of supply chain members,as well as the pricing and fresh-keeping effort decision under the input of fresh-keeping service.This paper studies a two-stage fresh agricultural product supply chain including a retailer and a manufacturer.The manufacturer has both offline traditional retail channel and online direct marketing channel.Considering the freshness loss characteristics of fresh products,we constructed a time-varying demand function based on freshness.Firstly,this paper studies the optimal pricing strategy of the online channel and the profit level of the members of the supply chain with the unit operating cost of the manufacturer's online channel.According to the comparison of the optimal revenue level of single channel and double channel,the conditions that the operation cost needs to meet are obtained when adding online channel.Based on the situation that manufacturer benefits and retailer loses after opening online channel,this paper proposes a revenue sharing contract to compensate retailers for loss of profits,so as to achieve a win-win situation in supply chain.Secondly,considering the members' fresh-keeping effort investment after opening online channel,the optimal pricing,the optimal fresh-keeping effort level and the profits of the members of the supply chain are obtained when retailer or manufacturer provides fresh-keeping service.Comparing the differences of optimal decisions between decentralized and centralized systems under different members' fresh-keeping input,this paper uses the improved supply chain contract to redistribute income,deepen the cooperative relationship,enhance the willingness to control freshness loss,and achieve the mutual benefit and win-win result of the supply chain.Finally,considering the sale behavior of off-line retailers according to product loss,this paper further studies the two-stage pricing strategy under the manufacturer's fresh-keeping investment,explores the relationship between the relevant parameters and the optimal decision-making and profit,and coordinates the supply chain by improving the willingness of fresh-keeping investment through contract design.The research results of this paper can provide management advice for dual-channel supply chain of agricultural products to deal with fresh enterprise channel opening,fresh-keeping service investment and two-stage pricing.At the same time,the results can help agricultural cooperatives and fresh agricultural products enterprises timely adjust the level of fresh-keeping efforts and pricing schemes in the changeable fresh market,so as to keep the stable operation and optimal performance of the supply chain at all times.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fresh Supply Chain, Dual-channel Supply Chain, Fresh deterioration, Fresh-keeping Effort, Supply Chain Contract
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