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Research On Efficient Processing Technology And Equipments Of Lotus Seeds

Posted on:2018-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Q TaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2381330590475829Subject:Food engineering
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The lotus seed is China agricultural characteristics of economic resources,its nutritional value and health effects have been gradually recognized and valued,enhance the processing level of lotus seed industry is the industry consensus.lotus seed processing is a key part of lotus food industry,but the processing level is relatively backward,need to carry out research.In this study,the improvement of equipment for the processing of lotus seeds and on the basis of the design of the lotus seeds processing manufactured standard workshop and layout,the basic conclusions are as follows:1.Transformation and upgrade of the lotus seed grading,peeling,core drilling machine,the common lotus seeds with short diameter of 0.5mm is divided into 8 levels,sieve pore size and shape design of multilayer and different appropriate vibration frequency and intensity,classification accuracy reached more than 95%.Lotus seed shell increase cutting blade,speed of shelling enhanced yield of shelled Lotus seed is five times higher than the old sheller.Lotus seed core drilling machine is composed of single bit to multi bit,work efficiency is increased by 4-5 times,the operating personnel from one machine to one person to operate 15 machines.2.The colorsorter seeds color sorter parameters determined.The milden and rot seed,unshelled seeds,damaged seed,physical and optical properties of adaptation,the success of lotus seeds colorsorter in the lotus processing industry.lotus seed colorsorter set 5 channel selection,Selection of high precision,One colorsorter processing capacity of 800kg-1000kg/h.Selection effect is 25 to 30 times that of artificial selection.3.Study on improvement of lotus seeds skin grinding take into account of the food safety,lotus seed skin grinding machine is designed to remove red lotus seed skin.Then evaluation it,the net rate of 95% deskin,the white lotus yield up to 85%,Improve the quality of lotus seed.4.According to the actual situation of Xiangtan lotus processing,design process technics craftwork and standard processing deskin lotus seeds 10 tons per day workshop.Standard workshop design for 80mX36 m.layout reflects the various functions and convenient operation,the separation of machining area and artificial work area,design reasonable visiting.5.New technology and new standard of processing deskin lotus processing workshop design.This study has completely independent innovation.In the deskin processing introduced colorsorter is the lotus seed processing industry first.
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