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Preparation And Electromagnetic Shielding Properties Of Graphene/Magnetic Particles/Resin Matrix Composites

Posted on:2019-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2381330596967020Subject:Materials engineering
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In modern society,electromagnetic pollution is becoming more and more serious.It not only affects the performance of equipment,pollutes the surrounding environment,threatens the national information security,but also is adverse to the health of the human body.Therefore,the research of electromagnetic protection materials is particularly important.The electromagnetic shielding properties of the resin matrix composites can be improved by taking advantage of filling graphene and magnetic particles into the resin matrix,and they are expected to be applied in the field of electromagnetic protection.And the special structure of super material absorber also have attracted the attention of researchers because of its unique wave absorbing properties.First,we used solution-hot pressing and masterbatch-ball milling-hot pressing to fill the graphene into the ABS resin,and then the effect of the graphene amount filling into the matrix and distribution structure of graphene in masterbatch-ball milling-hot pressing preparation process on the conductive and electromagnetic shielding properties of the composites were investigated.The results showed that the conductive properties of the composites had a rapid increase to a gradual growth trend with the increase of the filling amount of graphene.When the filling amount of graphene was 10wt%,the electromagnetic shielding performance of the composite material was almost above 10 dB in the 8~12GHz frequency band.Comparing the two preparation methods,the masterbatch-ball milling-hot pressing method better promoted the dispersion of grapheme,making it form " resemble bi-continuous system " structure in composite materials,so that the performance of the composites prepared by the masterbatch-ball milling-hot pressing was superior to the solution-hot pressing method.In order to further improve the electromagnetic shielding performance of the composite,both graphene and magnetic particles were filled in the matrix.The graphene/Fe3O4/ABS composite materials prepared by solvothermal method had poor electromagnetic shielding performance because the reduction degree of graphene was not enough and the loaded Fe3O4 had a certain reunion.And this property of the composites was improved by adding a small amount of nickel plated carbon fiber.But it was still lower than the graphene/Fe3O4/ABS directly mixed by solution method which was above 10 dB in the whole band of 8~12GHz.The electromagnetic shielding performance of the composite filling with graphene/Ni composite powder prepared by spray drying into ABS was poor,mainly due to the conductivity decrease of graphene loaded nickel particles.Also,the special structure unit of graphite paper was designed,and the electromagnetic wave absorber of graphite paper/epoxy resin metarmaterial was prepared with epoxy resin as the medium layer,and its wave absorbing property was explored.Resonance absorption leaded to the maximum absorption of electromagnetic wave in the specific frequency band,and the red shift occured in the absorption band when the conductivity of graphite paper increased.
Keywords/Search Tags:Graphene, Magnetic particles, Graphite paper, Resin matrix, Electromagnetic shielding effectiveness, Absorbing property
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